Başkent Market Opened

baskent market opened
baskent market opened

“Başkent Market”, one of the important projects of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, was launched. The products of the market, which was first opened in Etimesgut within Ankara Halk Ekmek, are provided by women's cooperatives and unions producing in Ankara. At Başkent Market, which will allow the capital city to carry delicious, natural and local products to their kitchens at affordable prices; Meat, cheese and many food products of domestic producers engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture were also offered for sale.

The first of “Başkent Market”, one of the important projects of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, was opened in Etimesgut.

Launching a support attack for rural development, Mayor Yavaş started to bring the products produced by women's cooperatives, unions and farmers in Ankara under the guarantee of Halk Ekmek and brought them to Ankara residents at Başkent Market.

With its new concept that puts a smile on the face of both the consumer and the producer, the residents of the capital were appreciated from the first day. kazanDue to the coronavirus epidemic in the market, fever measurement and social distance measures were also taken.


Drawing attention with the projects that value the capitals and contribute to their budgets, Mayor Yavaş added a new one to the exemplary social municipal practices.

Healthy and reliable products purchased from women's cooperatives and unions took their place in Başkent Market, which was opened by Halk Ekmek. Hand-made products from honey to molasses, from jam to tarhana, from vinegar to noodles, from halva to basement were carried to the shelves of Başkent Market.

The local products, which are unique to Ankara and are handed to the citizens, and which are delivered to the citizens economically, attracted great attention from the very first day.


In addition to the cooperative product Beypazarı dried, Ayaş tomato paste and Çubuk pickle, the first step of Başkent Market, which is another project of President Yavaş, and Başkent Market, which includes many products such as legumes, olives, olive oil, roasting, sausage and bacon.

Bovine animals bought from farmers engaged in animal husbandry in Ankara were slaughtered and started to be sold at an affordable price in delicatessen and butcher aisles as cubed, chops, minced meat and tenderloin. In the market where fresh milk products produced in many districts from Polatlı to Kalecik are also included; A wide variety of products, from cheddar cheese to white cheese, from yogurt to butter, met with the capitals.


Ankara Public Bread Deputy General Manager Tarkan Dervişoğlu stated that they aim to support rural development and the local producer through Başkent Market, the first branch of which was opened at Etimesgut İstasyon Mahallesi Ulubatlı Hasan Caddesi No: 100 / A.

“One of the most important duties that our President, Mr. Mansur Yavaş has given us since the day we took office, was the work on the establishment of Başkent Market. In order to serve rural development, we bought all the products of our model from cooperatives established around Ankara. Many of the products we offer for sale are products produced by Halk Bread Factory. By expanding the number of our stores in different districts in a short time, we want to increase the sales potential of local products. ”


Stating that he liked the natural products sold in Başkent Market, a citizen named Azmi Şahin said, “I live in Etimesgut. In the beautiful districts of Ankara, we had the opportunity to purchase delicious products produced with the eye of hand. We are very pleased with this service that came to our feet. Many thanks to our president Mansur Yavas. I recommend everyone to come here and shop. ”

The farmers and cooperative members who had the opportunity to sell the natural tastes in the city center thanked President Yavas for the support given to them. Serpil Deniz, President of Beypazarı Kınalı Eller Women's Cooperative, said: “Bakpazarı's baklava, wraps and all natural products took its place in Başkent Market. We expect everyone who wants a healthy and natural diet. We thank Mansur Yavaş for their support, ”said Kizilcahamam Yabanobasi Cooperative President Elif Yilmaz,“ Everything that women touch is very beautiful. Thank you very much to our Mansur President for their support. ”

Saying that they produce vinegar, jam and noodles in Ankara, Polatlı Anatolian Chimneys Cooperative Chairman of the Board İklime Yaşar said, “There is fertility where the woman touches. Thanking our Mayor Mansur Yavas, who supported us in reaching and announcing our products to the public. we have a product. Our Vinegar, Kalecik Karasi Molasses and Quince Jam are our most popular products. We welcome everyone to Başkent Market and we thank our Mayor Mansur Yavas for supporting us. ”

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