Bodrum Castle will be opened at the end of June, Sumela Monastery as of the beginning of July

basement fortress will be open like the beginning of july
basement fortress will be open like the beginning of july

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the second stage restoration works in Bodrum Castle were nearing the end, and that they plan to open the castle to visit at the end of June at the latest.

Minister Ersoy examined the restoration works in Bodrum Castle and received information from the authorities.

Minister Ersoy, who made a statement to the journalists after the investigation, stated that they planned to open the castle in Museum Week, but there were some disruptions due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) restrictions.

Explaining that there have been some difficulties in the teams coming and going in this process and material supply, Minister Ersoy said, “It seems that we will open Bodrum Castle at the end of June at the latest with very little delay. So I think Bodrum's season will also start. We think that we will put the castle in service together. It has already come to an end, and now the recovery part has been started. It results quickly. ” he spoke.

Minister Ersoy noted that both the landscaping and the arrangement of the walls were made in Bodrum Castle in the first place. Noting that one of the most important shipwrecks in the world is in Bodrum Castle, Minister Ersoy said:

“A very serious work is being done in the region where the wreck is. There is an innovation in the glass museum section. The first stage was opened last year. Now I can say that the visitor can stay for a long time. In the vicinity of Hendek, new areas were discovered in the place where there were cannon gratings. In the idle areas that were not used before, the corners that dominate Bodrum and the castle were created by landscaping. Visitors will encounter a much more enjoyable Bodrum Castle. ”

“Sumela Monastery is Definitely Opening This Season”

Addressing the restoration works at the Sumela Monastery, Minister Ersoy stated that the dealing with the Kovid-19 epidemic and dense rock masses affected the works negatively.

Emphasizing that there is a very busy winter season in the region, Minister Ersoy said, “Normal teams cannot work there, climbing teams, mountaineering teams can work. We definitely aim to open the Sumela Monastery like the end of June or in July. There are a few troubles left, but we gave all our intensity to be opened this season. Unfortunately there will be a delay of 35-40 days, but we will raise. ” used the expression.

Günceleme: 18/05/2020 11:41

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