Minister Selçuk: We Ensured The Return of 17 thousand 273 Children to Their Parents

Minister Selcuk Bin, we provided our child's family to return
Minister Selcuk Bin, we provided our child's family to return

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services; “As a result of the priority we give to family-oriented services, we ensured the return of 2019 children to their families in 17.” found in the description.

Stating that the Ministry prioritizes the best interests of the child and family-oriented approach in services for children, Minister Selçuk said; “A total of 2019 children came to our Child Protection First Response and Evaluation Units (ÇOKİM), which is an important element of the child protection system, in 24. While protecting 680 of these children, we ensured their return to their families by protecting and maintaining 5 with social and economic support (SED), consultancy and other measures. On the other hand, as the Ministry, we continue to work with families whose children are under protection. As a result of these efforts, last year, we brought 584 thousand 13 children under protection to their families. ” said.

Stating that, with the priority given to family-oriented services, despite the increasing population and the increase in the number of unaccompanied foreign children, Selçuk said; “Our main goal; protecting family unity by supporting families economically and socially and supporting the children with their own families and relatives. ” he spoke.

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