Asphalt was laid at the junction on the Izmit Seka Tunnel

asphalt was laid in the junction on the tunnel of izmit seka
asphalt was laid in the junction on the tunnel of izmit seka

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many important transportation projects in the last 16 years, makes transportation more convenient in roads, junctions and many other places. The Department of Science Affairs made an important change at the junction on the Büyük Seka Tunnel, where many main streets intersect in the Izmit district. With the work carried out to increase road comfort at the junction, Kuptaş parquets at the junction were removed and asphalt was laid instead.


Time deteriorations occurred on the parquet road at the junction on the Seka Tunnel. Citizens passing through the intersection were disturbed by excessive swinging on the stone paving road. Taking this situation into account, the Metropolitan Municipality has removed 8 cubic meter cubes of parquet at the junction with two excavators, two loaders and 2 trucks. A total of one thousand tons of asphalt pavement was carried out, 500 tons of binder and 650 tons of abrasion, in place of the removed parquet. The teams carried out all this work in just 350 hours. With the laid asphalt material, vehicles will be able to pass through the intersection more comfortably.

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