ASELSAN Targets Not Listening Virus

aselsan targets not listening virus
aselsan targets not listening virus

Despite all the negative and uncertainties caused by the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak globally, ASELSAN was one of the top 100 companies in the list of publicly listed companies in Defense News Top 4 companies.

Assessing the financial performance of the company, ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün stated that all kinds of measures are taken to ensure sustainable growth and protect the balance sheet against possible crises and risks, and are affected by possible supply-related problems to a minimum, with effective supply power and foreign dependency decreasing day by day. He stated that the first quarter of 2020 was a quarter in which targets were realized in terms of revenue, growth and profitability for ASELSAN, and all activities were carried out in full compliance with the year-end expectations and calendar.

As a result of these sustainability practices, we continue to monitor and inform the employees continuously, by taking extraordinary security measures in all of our campuses in response to the COVID-19 threat, from the first day of the incident. We are honored to state that we will continue to work with determination to be worthy of our 83 million families with the understanding of “Not me, but US” that all activities of ASELSAN are carried out not only in the economic field but with the awareness of contribution to society and social responsibility. In addition, from the business models of this global crisis process to people-oriented approaches; Emphasizing that there are many opportunities for companies from procurement processes to technology road maps, GÖRGÜN stated that companies that read and manage this process will gain great benefits.

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