Akçaray Trams Covered 85 Thousand Kilometers a Month

akcaray traveled a thousand kilometers in a month
akcaray traveled a thousand kilometers in a month

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Akçaray tram has traveled 85 thousand kilometers in the last month, providing a fast, comfortable and clean transportation service to citizens. Akçaray trams, which have become the symbol of the city, continue to provide transportation services to citizens during the difficult pandemic passing.


Akçaray tram belonging to Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide transportation service. Akçaray, which makes 18 trips in 1 day with a total of 266 trams, provides quality transportation service to citizens. Akçaray, which has been preferred with love since its opening, also conveys the citizens to the place they want to go during the difficult pandemic days. Citizens who travel between the bus station and the bus station say that they are very satisfied with Akçaray at every opportunity.


Raising the level of transportation service quality to the highest level, Akçaray is disinfected with great care every evening. At the end of the day, all trams arriving at the tram parking area at the TransportPark General Directorate are gleaming by the cleaning team. Every single day, unclear points are left, from the points where the citizens are most contacted, including the driver's cabins, to the turnstiles at the stations. In order to ensure that citizens can travel at the upper level of hygiene level, the station maintenance and in-car cleaning units provide continuous and planned uninterrupted cleaning during the extra days.


With the UV FILTER technology installed on Akçaray trams, transportationPark provides the passengers to travel with a clean air by bringing the air quality to the highest level. With ultraviolet rays, the highest level of clean air circulation is provided within the tram. UV filter technology used for the first time in Akçaray provide passengers with ulaşımpark of hygiene in Turkey. In addition, thanks to UV FILTER, viruses that may occur in the air inside the trams during the pandemic are eliminated by 99 percent.

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