Air Conditioning Will Not Be Operated on ESHOT and IZULAS Buses for Health

Air conditioning will not be operated on buses for health in Izmir
Air conditioning will not be operated on buses for health in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made an important decision in line with the recommendation of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Health. In order not to strengthen the coronavirus epidemic, which has a slow transmission rate, buses will not be turned on for a while.

Despite the steps towards loosening the coronavirus measures, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided not to run air conditioners on ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses for a while on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health Science Board. Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said that all vehicles are maintained, ready to use, but will not be opened due to the risk of epidemic. Expressing that he knows the difficulty of traveling without air conditioning in the heat, but this measure should be applied for public health, President Soyer called the Izmirers as follows:

Soyer: The epidemic is not over

“In line with the decisions of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Health, it is necessary to use masks in public areas and pay attention to social distance. Our citizens under the age of 20 and over 65 are still prohibited from going out on the streets. These are the biggest indications that the outbreak is not over yet. Therefore, my greatest request from my fellow citizens is that they do not let go of the measure. If we are not obligatory, let's not go out; let's stay home. If this responsibility continues, I know that healthy and beautiful days are close… ”

The Ministry of Health's Scientific Committee and TMMOB also warn

In coronavirus outbreak in Turkey after going to a good decision to loosen some of the measures taken since May and 11 shopping centers, cafes and restaurants had opened a barber shop and hair salon with. Regarding this decision, which brought with it discussions, both the Ministry of Health Science Board and the Union of Chambers of Turkish Architects and Engineers (TMMOB) warn that the risk of contamination may increase again, especially due to the operation of air conditioners in closed environments.

Noting that it is known that the virus can be transmitted by droplets and that ventilation systems can cause the virus-containing droplets to be transported over long distances, experts emphasize that air conditioners should not be used for a while, especially in crowded shopping malls and public transportation vehicles. It is stated that it is important to open the windows and provide fresh air intake from outside if possible.

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