Work for the First Domestic MR Device Continues

Works continue for the first domestic mr device
Works continue for the first domestic mr device

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir examined the first domestic MR device whose prototype was developed by ASELSAN and Bilkent UMRAM. Making a statement regarding the contributions of the defense industry to the health sector, Demir said, “ASELSAN continues to work on artificial respiration device, heart-lung pump, mobile X-Ray device and portable defibrillator besides this MR device. In addition, as the defense industry, our R&D studies on patient care, diagnostic kit, data and image processing continue. ”

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir, along with Aselsan Chairman and General Manager Haluk Görgün, visited Bilkent University UMRAM (National Magnetic Resonance Research Center). Bilkent University Rector. Dr. During the visit, which also included Abdullah Atalar, President Demir, who received information about the studies, examined the domestic MR device, in which Aselsan and Bilkent UMRAM developed the first prototype together.

SSB President Demir made a statement about his visit and the work of the defense industry towards health technologies. In the iron statement, he said:

“Various projects were ongoing in terms of multiple use of technologies developed in the defense industry. With the pandemic, which is on the agenda these days, studies in the health sector have come to the fore. The first example of this was the introduction of the respirator. With the initiative under the leadership of our Ministry of Industry and Technology, one of our SME companies and two major defense industry companies came together to produce a respirator, and its success is now being seen. But the work is not just that. ”

“There were 5 more devices that ASELSAN is already working on. In addition to this MR device, ASELSAN continues to work on artificial respiration device, heart-lung pump, mobile X-ray device and portable defibrillator. Again, within the scope of our Directorate, studies on the development of both mask and other products on ultraviolet disinfectant are continuing. ”

“Besides, there are several titles triggered by the defense industry as the R&D title. At the beginning of these, we are working on developing technologies for patient care and monitoring. Again, there is a study on patient diagnosis and data kit creation. On the other hand, there are technologies in which data processing, image processing, their approaches with intelligent systems and deep learning are revealed. It is possible to say that these are continued in multiple ways.

“Because the technologies applied here also include the implementation of some basic technologies developed in the defense industry, and the developed technologies have direct effects on defense. We have seen an area in which to collaborate in the health sector, both in the field of defense, the problems of our soldiers, our security forces, and the electronic, data processing, image processing and programming techniques learned. Health can be thought of as the beginning of these multiple uses and issues that have been brought into the agenda of the public as a result of their current agenda. However, in addition to energy, various sensitive facility and system protection works, monitoring and automatic control of various distribution systems, communication systems and the cyber security area, communication area, and the multiple use of technologies in various fields, in addition to contact with various units of the state. Our work continues.

“In addition to ASELSAN, which sets off with these five products on health, we will soon see the results of its work with our other companies regarding software systems and various data processing and image processing systems. Here, we see the importance of a National Technology Movement topic on the agenda of the country and ensuring multiple uses of technologies in every field developed in the country and making a fast progress. I hope we will continue this with the close cooperation with other industries, as well as the defense industry. ”

“One of the main elements of this is actually bringing together science and technology, running them together and putting them into practice. Of course, you know the home of the research institutions, universities. Bilkent University UMRAM, which we are currently under, and various research centers are also among the structures we cooperate closely. In this sense, we continue to work with various universities. So information and technology will come. We continue to invest this future with our young people. I hope the defense industry will continue to pioneer this. ”

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