Studies Intensified in Belek and Kadriye Public Beaches

Work in Belek and Kadriye public beaches intensified
Work in Belek and Kadriye public beaches intensified

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has stepped up its work for two free public beaches that it plans to complete by this summer season.

Belek Public Beach and Kadriye Public Beach and Recreation Area, where the Ministry has completed its plans, will start to provide service free of charge in the new season despite different views and obstacles in the region. Public service understanding will be the basis for both beaches where natural balance will be meticulously maintained.

Social areas that offer rich opportunities will be created with the projects aiming to bring together both areas in Belek and Kadriye, one of the important centers of Turkish tourism, free of charge with the public.

In the new facilities that the Ministry plans to open after the Ramadan Feast by exceeding the requests to stop the projects; Many services will be offered from beach area to restaurants, from parking lot to local product market.

Environment Friendly Strategy from the Ministry

When the project is completed, Belek Public Beach will be put into service with a thousand-person free beach area, a car park with a capacity of 450 vehicles, cafes and restaurants, multi-purpose sports fields, local products and public market.

Kadriye Public Beach and Recreation Area are 3 thousand people free public beach, 16 thousand square meters of recreation area suitable for picnic, 570 vehicle capacity parking lot, culture and art activities, cafe, restaurant, patisserie, sports and event areas, local products public market will serve with the possibilities.

The beaches will also be suitable for the use of disabled citizens. In addition, the Ministry, which follows a nature-friendly strategy, will include protection and treatment centers for Caretta Caretta turtles, which are about to become endangered and under protection on both beaches.

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