Work Continues at Çardak Mosque Junction

Work continues at the junction of cardak mosque
Work continues at the junction of cardak mosque

During the 4-day curfew restriction by İnegöl Municipality, renovation works are continuing at Çardak Mosque Intersection, which has been largely completed with the feverish work that has been completed 7/24. In accordance with the project implemented in the region where the smart signaling system is applied, the middle median is removed and direct passage is provided.

In Inegol, a smart junction model was used in the shopping center junction, Municipality junction and courthouse within the scope of the junction arrangements started last year in order to relieve the city traffic. After successful results in these regions, similar applications continue to be carried out at junctions this year. İnegöl Municipality, which did not disrupt the service mobilization for a moment by turning the curfew restrictions applied on weekends due to the Covid-19 epidemic, into an opportunity, started working to implement the Smart Junction Model at Çardak Mosque Junction, which is one of the city's busy areas, including the 19-day restriction.


In the 00.00-day curfew, which started at 19:00.00 on Friday night and ended at 4:XNUMX on Tuesday, May XNUMX, İnegöl Municipality teams have completed the intersection arrangement by working day and night. Within the scope of the works that still continue with little touches; As a result of the measurements made at the intersection, a new project drawn up by expert teams was implemented. The roundabout in the region has been lifted with the study called the smart intersection model. The signaling system was also applied on the street where direct passage was provided and Çardak Mosque started to be used as a roundabout island for the return of the vehicles.

After the end of the study, it is aimed to accelerate traffic circulation in the region and prevent piling up.

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