Who is TLC Mürsel and Where?

Anna Mursel
Anna Mursel

Who is TLC Mürsel? : Turkish citizen Mürsel Mistanoğlu, 1, who participated in the program called “90 Days of Marriage” (90 Day Fiancé), which was broadcast on TLC channel and was taken to arrange a marriage ceremony for foreign couples, was the topic of the social media. Mürsel Mistanoğlu and Anna were among the notable names in the 38 Days Fiance program, which appeared on the TLC TV channel. Viewers watching the program continue their research on Mürsel Mistanoğlu and Anna in search engines.

So, who is Mürsel Mistanoğlu and Anna? How old is Mürsel and Anna and where are they from? Here is our answer to the curious questions…

Who is Mürsel Mistanoğlu and Anna?

Mürsel Mistanoğlu and Anna in the 90 Days Fiance program published on TLC screens were on the agenda of social media. After the dialogues between the two, the audience continues their research on the question of who is Mürsel Mistanoğlu and Anna. So, how old is Mürsel and Anna and where are they from? Here are the details…

The story of the American Anna and Mürsel Mistanoğlu drew attention on the screens. Mürsel is one of the names that draw attention in the 90 Days of Marriage program, which is spoken on social media. 38-year-old Mürsel, Nebraska went to the US to recognize Anna from Turkey.

About mursel tlc
About mursel tlc

Where is Mürsel Mistanoğlu?

Mürsel If he does not decide to marry, he will leave the country and return. It is among the information on the internet where Mürsel is Antalya Kepezli.

How Mürsel Mistanoğlu and Anna Met?

Mürsel, who is from Antalya, and Anna from USA met on Facebook. Anna, who lives in Nebraska USA, has 3 children. At the same time, Mürsel does not speak English and if he does not decide to marry in a 90-day period, Mürsel will leave the country.

Mürsel and Anna met in a beekeeping group they joined on Facebook. Mürsel, who saw Anna as a beekeeper, took the first step and sent a message to Anna.

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