Operation of Turkish F-16s in Asos Region in Northern Iraq

Turkish f operation in the area of ​​asos in the north of iraq
Turkish f operation in the area of ​​asos in the north of iraq

F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets belonging to the Turkish Air Force Command hit terrorist targets in the Asos region in northern Iraq.

In the statement made by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense on the subject, “As a result of the coordinated work of our Turkish Armed Forces and our National Intelligence Service, 5 PKK terrorists who are members of the separatist terrorist organization detected by our reconnaissance and surveillance means in the northern part of Iraq, are neutralized by the air operation. She brought. " expressions were included.

Located about 150 kilometers from the border with Turkey of terrorist targets in Asos, Diyarbakır 8th Main Jet Base (AJI) Departure from Command F-16 is estimated to have been hit by Fightning Falcon combat aircraft. Finally, the 8th AJÜ Command, which has achieved significant success in the Spring Shield Operation, is approximately 500 kilometers away from the Asos region.

Source: Defense Industry

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