Tender for Overpasses to Access Akçaray Stops

Tender was made for the upper aisles to provide access to the akcaray stops.
Tender was made for the upper aisles to provide access to the akcaray stops.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitated transportation by providing the Akçaray tram line to the service of the citizens, started work for the pedestrian overpass to be built next to the Sekapark Tram stop. This time, the Metropolitan Municipality made a tender for the construction of a pedestrian overpass next to the tram stops of the Congress Center and Education Campus in Sekapark. A total of 3 pedestrian overpasses will be built with the Sekapark Tram Stop overpass, the work of which has started.


One of the overpasses to be built right next to the Congress Center and Education Campus tram stops will be 63.40 meters long, 3.35 meters wide and the other 43.85 meters long and 3.35 meters wide. The site will be delivered within 10 days after the relevant specification contract is signed. Both pedestrian overpasses are planned to be completed in 180 calendar days.


The tender for two pedestrian overpasses was held at the Metropolitan Municipality main service building on Tuesday, May 12, at 14.30:13. In the tender in which 4 companies participated, the lowest bid came from Meter Energy Construction with TL 960 million 7, while the highest bid came from Oğuzata İnşaat with TL 389 million XNUMX thousand.

Meter Energy Contracting Construction 4 million 960 thousand TL
Helka Construction Company 5 million 71 thousand TL
Mehmet Aydin, Ali Cengiz 5 million 395 thousand TL
Hulusi Ozay 5 million 914 thousand TL
Emay Architecture 5 million 929 thousand TL
Sya Infrastructure Construction 6 million 207 thousand TL
Abdurrahim Aydin Yurtçu 6 million 282 thousand TL
Atlasbk Construction 6 million 460 thousand TL
İlkgün Construction 6 million 513 thousand TL
Fettah Kızılyıldız, Yılmaz Aynas Construction 6 million 565 thousand TL
Dilşad Mining Map Construction, Ahmet Aydın 6 million 570 thousand TL
Gürtur Construction, Cihan Üregen 6 million 889 thousand TL
Oğuzata Construction 7 million 389 thousand TL

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