Strict Control of Shopping Malls and Public Markets in Ankara

Strict control of shopping mall and public markets in Ankara
Strict control of shopping mall and public markets in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department and Health Affairs Department teams have tightened their inspections after the opening of Shopping Malls and Public Markets, which have been temporarily closed due to coronavirus measures since 21 March. Stating that they increase the controls in shopping malls in order to protect public health, Metropolitan Police Department Head Mustafa Koç said, “We are warning about deficiencies.” Seyfettin Aslan, Head of Health Affairs Department, said that they distributed masks in public markets and placed a photocell hand disinfectant vending machine at many points.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department and Health Affairs Department teams increased their control with the reopening of Shopping Malls and Public Markets that were closed as part of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Ankara Police started to inspect the workplaces in accordance with the published circulars, especially hygiene and social distance measures, in shopping malls that started their activities again in Başkent.


Stating that they attach importance to the works prioritizing the public health within the scope of the measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic, the Head of the Police Department Mustafa Koç stated that the inspections will continue without interruption and gave the following information:

“We have created many teams. Our teams have tightened their inspections in shopping malls, hairdressers and hairdressers all over Ankara. Our mobile teams are also ready to evaluate the notifications to be sent to Başkent 153. The rule of 10 percent will be applied in shopping malls and 8 percent rule in the workplaces in the mall. 8 percent of the square meter and 10 percent of the staff will be accepted. In our controls, we see that ground adhesives are adhered to protect the waiting distances in front of the elevator and warnings that limit the number of customers in the elevator are written. In elevators, the stickers should be glued so that the customers have their backs facing each other and their faces facing the walls. The same alerts should be on the escalators. Hand sanitizers should also be kept in various places in the shopping mall. Children and shopping carts should not be shared. Therefore, they need to be separated and tied. Measures such as distance protection, using half of the test cabinets, not trying to hang the tried clothes again for 24 hours and keeping hand disinfectant in the safe should be taken in the workplaces. Some stores are not open, but open stores are overcoming their shortcomings. We warned stores that did not fill their deficiencies, for example, lack of floor adhesives. We carry out inspections according to the decisions of the Sanitary Board. Since tradesmen are in a crisis environment, we do not prefer methods such as writing a penalty, applying a closing penalty or canceling a license. We struggle to protect the health of the people. We prefer to remedy deficiencies and deficiencies. We act with the responsibility of providing the service to the citizen and fulfilling our duty as a municipality. ”


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Health Affairs sent a warning letter to all shopping malls in the capital, in order to prevent the epidemic and to protect the lives of citizens, with the 100% capacity of the air conditioning systems in the buildings. In the warning letter signed by the Head of Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan, the following statements were made:

“It is necessary to operate the ventilation systems with 11 percent fresh air capacity in all areas of the Shopping Centers (AVM), which are planned to be opened on 2020 May 100. It is important to make appropriate arrangements in the air-conditioning installations of large and small-volume areas, as well as to monitor their maintenance and periodic examinations regularly, and to be sensitive in selecting filtration that is appropriate for combating the virus.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to support masks for the capital tradesmen within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak.

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Health Affairs distributed masks to Maltepe and Ottoman Market tradesmen, where the capitals were shopping intensively after the shopping centers were allowed to open. Metropolitan Municipality also started to place sensor hand disinfectant vending machines at the market gates.

Seyfettin Aslan, the head of the Metropolitan Health Affairs Department, who said that the support of the mask will continue for the shopkeepers who reopened his shop, said, “Our Maltepe and Ottoman Market was opened. Dışkapı Market will open in a short time. We conveyed the greetings of our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş to our shopkeepers and delivered a mask and disinfectant. We asked our tradesmen, who worked in cooperation, to pay attention to the social distance as well as cleaning and disinfection from the professional chambers. I hope we are doing our best to get through this period without any damage. ”


Thanking President Yavaş for his support for the tradesman in the process of combating the coronavirus outbreak, Maltepe Market Operations Cooperative Chairman Satmiş Çiloğlu said, “We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and all the staff who passed the service. He fulfilled his promise, as before the election. It has been very sensitive to our troubles both inside and outside until today. I present my gratitude, ”Namık Ayan, one of the tradesmen of Maltepe Market, shared his thoughts with these words:“ All our requests from the municipality were fulfilled by our Mansur President. Thank you very much. We will do our best in cleaning and disinfection. ”

While the marketer tradesman, who was reminded of hygiene rules for public health during mask distribution, stated that they wanted their customers to shop with peace of mind, another tradesman named İsmail Elmas said, “Our market has been opened, we are very happy. Thank you very much for all the help of our Mayor. During the month of Ramadan, he did not leave us alone, provided food and financial aid. Whatever we need from mask to gloves to disinfectant is met. He embraced the shopkeepers today, and we thank him very much. ”

The Chairman of the Ottoman Market Cooperative Kasım Öz expressed his satisfaction with the support of the Metropolitan as follows: “We had a long period of closure. Our shopkeepers closed their shops because of the coronavirus. Today, our shopkeepers opened our shops in unity by applying the necessary equipment, social distance rule and most importantly with the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We thank the Metropolitan who distributed our masks to our shopkeepers. ”

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