'Game Alphabet' is Preparing for Children

Preparing Game Alphabet for Kids
Preparing Game Alphabet for Kids

As part of the World Play Day, “Game Alphabet” is being prepared for children. Inviting all children to send suggestions for the alphabet, the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk showed 'oyunalfabesi@meb.gov.tr' as the address.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk stated that they prepared "Game Alphabet" for children and shared that they are waiting for suggestions.

Minister Selcuk, in a statement from his social media accounts, stated that they have prepared a "Game Alphabet" within the scope of the World Play Day for children playing in a tiny room during their stay.

Selçuk said, “We expect our children, who are the most talented theater actors in the world, to send their suggestions to'oyunalfabesi@meb.gov.tr.” found the assessment.

There is a game in the box allocated to each letter in the "Game Alphabet". Children who want will send the games they prepared in a similar way to the games in the alphabet to “oyunalfabesi@meb.gov.tr”. The suggestions will be published as a book titled "Games from the Language of Children".



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