Precision Guidance Kit with Laser Seeker Headed in the Turkish Air Force's Inventory

Precision gudum kit with laser seeker title entered the inventory of the Turkish air force
Precision gudum kit with laser seeker title entered the inventory of the Turkish air force

Designed and developed in cooperation with TÜBİTAK SAGE and ASELSAN, Sensitive Guided Kit ammunition was added to the laser seeker head and the accuracy of the general purpose bombs was increased.

In the statement made on the social media account of TÜBİTAK SAGE, it was announced that the tests were successfully completed and HGK-84 ammunition titled laser seeker entered the inventory. Disclosure;

“HGK-84, which has increased accuracy of strokes with a laser seeker head, has hit the target with high success in the firing test performed. expressions were included.

HGK-84 ammunition, with the addition of a new laser seeker head, pocket distance has decreased even more than standard HGK-84s. While the standard HGK-84 has a pocket range of 6.3 meters, the laser seeker headed HGK-84 ammunition has a low pocket range of less than 3 meters.

LHGK-84 (HGK-84 that can be used with Laser Seeker Header (LAB))

LHGK-84 is a guidance kit that converts existing 2000 lb Mk-84 general purpose bombs and penetrating bombs into an intelligent weapon that is dropped from air to ground with KKS / ANS and laser guidance system and can be used against both fixed and moving targets.

  • Retargeting during connected flight
  • Mixing resistant
  • Can work in all weather conditions
  • Less bombs, sorties and staff per mission
  • Low logistics needs
  • Low secondary damage
  • Cost effective
  • Certified for F-16 PO-III and F-4E / 2020 aircraft
  • 12 nautical mile range when thrown from mid-altitude
  • 15 knots range when thrown from high altitude
  • Use against fixed and moving targets
  • Use with Laser Seeker Head (LAB)

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