National Combat Aircraft Agreement between TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN

National Combat Aircraft Agreement between Tusas and Havelsan
National Combat Aircraft Agreement between Tusas and Havelsan

📩 15/10/2021 22:00

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir announced that a cooperation was signed between Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TUSAŞ) and HAVELSAN, which carry out development and production processes for the National Combat Aircraft (MMU).

Stating that the Defense Industry sector has implemented the measures at the highest level and continues its activities during the fight against Covid-19, President Demir stated that the MMU development efforts continue without slowing down. Mayor Demir said, “With this cooperation, TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN will carry out many works such as software development, simulation, training and maintenance simulators. When the National Combat Aircraft Development project is completed, our country will be among the countries with the infrastructure and technology that can produce a 5th generation combat aircraft after the USA, Russia and China. ”

The cooperation signed between TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN; It covers Embedded Training, Training and Maintenance Simulators and engineering support (Virtual Test Environment, project level software development and cyber security) to be given in various fields.

National Combat Aircraft (MMU) Project

The National Combat Aircraft (MMU) Project, which was launched to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, aims to produce modern aircraft designed with domestic possibilities and capabilities that can replace F-2030 aircraft, which are included in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force Command, and are planned to be taken off gradually by the 16s.

Within the scope of the project, the main contract was signed with the Defense Industry Directorate (SSB) on 05 August 2016, and all stakeholders working within the scope of the project, especially the main contractor TUSAŞ, continue their work. The "Principles Agreement" for the development of National Combat Aircraft was signed on January 28, 2017 between TAI and BAE Systems (UK) on January 10, 2017. The Cooperation Agreement between TAI and BAE Systems was signed on 25 August 2017 and entered into force. In this context, approximately 100 BAE Systems engineers currently support the MMU project at TUSAŞ facilities.

TF-X is expected to work together with the F-35A aircraft planned to enter the inventory of the Turkish Air Force Command and the aircraft to be produced will be included in the Turkish Air Force Command inventory until the 2070s. In this context, TF-X will leave the hangar in 2023, make its first flight in 2026 and will be taken into the inventory by 2030.

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