The Principles of Raw Milk Support for the Year 2020 are Determined

Milk production support principles were determined for milk producers
Milk production support principles were determined for milk producers

The issues regarding the raw milk support to be provided to milk producers this year and the regulation of the milk market have become clear.

The President's Decision on Raw Milk Support and Regulation of the Milk Market to be Made in 2020 was published in the Official Gazette.

While the decision was aimed at sustainability in raw milk production and stability in producer prices, issues related to raw milk support and regulation of the milk market to be implemented this year were also determined.

Accordingly, the periods to be determined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, to the growers who sell their raw milk, milk production facility, to the growers who are members of the producer organization such as union and cooperative, to buffalo, cow, sheep and goat milk chilled cow milk, marketed by producer organizations. and support payments will be made on unit prices.

Within the scope of the regulation of the milk market, the producers who sell their raw milk to milk products through their producers can sell raw milk to the Meat and Milk Authority (ESK).

Milk producing enterprises that produce pure business licenses, sell their raw milk, local retailers who have a business registration document with the supply and sale of the product and are registered with the Ministry Milk Registration System (BSKS) to the milk filling facilities registered with BSKS, having a business registration document, in exchange for an invoice or a receipt. provided that it will support raw milk.


In the practice of regulating the milk market, the difference between the purchase and sale made by IHC will be covered by the livestock support budget. The implementation regarding the regulation of the milk market will continue for 2 years.


A deduction will be made through the system under the name of strengthening farmer organizations at determined rates from the support deserved by the breeding unions and producer unions or agricultural cooperative members that have established the central union. The remaining amount will be paid to the account of growers and producers.

Payments from this year will be made from the allowance to be allocated for animal husbandry support in the 2021 budget.

Those who do not comply with the provisions set out in the decision, who make false statements and submit documents, and public institutions and organizations will not be able to benefit from raw milk support payments.

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