Israeli El-Al Airlines Flying Start again to Turkey

Israeli airlines El Al began to re-turkiyeye end
Israeli airlines El Al began to re-turkiyeye end

Israel-based El-Al Airlines stopped its flights to Turkey 13 years ago, after many years, according to statements made by the company, the company will continue to be two cargo flights per week.

According to the newspaper Shalom, commercial legislation in dispute since 2007 when Turkey in March to stop their flights El-Al airlines to begin cargo flights had once again resorted to the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority. The first cargo plane of the company, whose applications were approved, landed in Istanbul at 13 on Sunday after a 07.50-year break.

Speaking to the Şalom newspaper, El-Al Cargo Manager Ronen Shapira pointed out that only cargo flights can be made due to the Coronavirus (KOVID-19) and that the flights are primarily in the fight against epidemics with the following words:

“At the moment, El Al aircraft cannot carry passengers due to coronavirus. We transformed our planes into cargo planes. We have decided to use these aircraft to carry the necessary humanitarian aid for the coronavirus, that is, various medical aid materials that can be used in the fight against Corona. We have created a project to carry materials such as gloves, masks, overalls to fight corona with countries such as China and the USA. We demanded our Istanbul flights for the same purpose. ”

Hibya News Agency

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