Information Guide for Children with Autism Prepared

Information guide for children with autism was prepared
Information guide for children with autism was prepared

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said that guides were prepared thematically according to different disability groups to facilitate the access of the disabled to information.

Information Guide for Children with Autism Prepared

After the guides prepared for families with individuals with autism, elderly people over 65 years old, elderly people with chronic diseases, individuals with special needs and hearing-impaired individuals and their families, both printed and visual work has been completed for the purpose of informing children with autism and related videos. Noting that it was shared, Minister Selçuk also stated that informative videos for individuals with autism have been translated into Turkish Sign Language.

Noting that the guide for families with autism is also in print, Selçuk said; “Accessing information during the coronavirus epidemic; It is more important than ever to be able to acquire information and to understand information. kazanwas.” he said.

The videos published for children with autism are currently available in the language of the children; There was information about what was done at home. The videos include the following statements:

“At this time, we are at home with my family. We don't do the things we do every day. We do not always meet the people we meet. We cannot do the activities I like to do outside. A virus called coronavirus is mentioned that makes people sick. It is said to cause fever and cough. However, my parents prepared a new program for me at home. We have added new activities that I like to do at home. We can have a good time at home. We play more games. I often wash your hands with soap and water to protect it from the virus. I use hand sanitizer and wear my mask outside. My school is not going to school in this process during the holiday right now, I can continue education from home via computer and internet. Sometimes I can be very nervous and aggressive. I can't control this. In this case, my family makes me feel safe and calms me, saying that it will not always last. Safely; we can go out without touching people. Sometimes it is good for me to get air and walk. People may feel bad. I can feel that my elders are anxious and nervous when they listen to the news and talk about it. I can ask a lot of questions about this subject, I can act aggressively, I can look sad and anxious. ”

“Lessons Published in EBA and Public Spots of the Ministry of Health Translated into Turkish Sign Language”

Reminding that previously prepared guides for the elderly and mentally disabled people staying in all private and public institutions, Selçuk also added that the courses published on EBA TV and the public spots of the Ministry of Health were translated into Turkish Sign Language by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services Sign Language Interpreters. he stressed.

Minister Selçuk also said, "What is the New Coronavirus?", "14 Rules Against the New Coronary Virus Risk" and "What is COVID-19?" He noted that the informative videos were voiced for the visually impaired, and they were prepared with sign language expression for the hearing impaired and published on the website of the Directorate General for Disabled and Elderly Services.

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