Hygiene Support Continues to Dolmuşcu Tradesmen in Ankara

Hygiene support continues for the stuffed tradesmen in Ankara
Hygiene support continues for the stuffed tradesmen in Ankara

📩 12/05/2020 16:20

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department continues to support dolmus tradesmen whose jobs have been reduced due to the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to the disinfection process for minibuses, the Ankara Police, which started to distribute food parcels due to the month of Ramadan, continues to distribute masks at the minibuses. Metropolitan Municipality will also provide fuel support to its minced owners.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its support to the capital tradesmen within the scope of the measures taken against the corona virus epidemic.

Ankara Police will provide food parcels after disinfectant and mask distribution to dolmus tradesmen whose work has decreased due to the virus.

THOUSANDS OF artisans will be distributed

The Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, the food parcel distribution initiated for dolmus tradesmen will take place in 9 regions: Gülbaba, Bentderesi, Denizciler, Yenimahalle (Cento), Keçiören-Ostim, Seyranbağları, Güvenpark, Sincan Market Place, Çinçin Dolmuş Stations.

A total of 3 dolmus tradesmen will benefit from the distribution of the food parcel, which is planned to take a total of one week every day in the capital city.


Stating that Ankara Police will continue to distribute masks to citizens and tradesmen, Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç made the following evaluations:

“Our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş is both mother and father of Ankara. He is the father of the capital, is an artisan friend. We have been in cooperation with the shopkeepers room since the beginning of the process. Together with the officials of the Chamber of Minibuses, we came to Bentderesi to distribute our food parcels to the honor of Ramadan for 3 minibus shopkeepers. If Ankara seems successful during the fight against the coranavirus epidemic, our friends have a great effort in this. We think we manage the process as best as possible. ”

Expressing that they also distribute food parcels at Gülbaba Dolmuş stations, Koç said, “In the coming days, we will support fuel for 2 minibuses. We believe that we can bring the life back to normal in Ankara by carrying out the process together, acting with a common mind, and with the holiday together. ”


Hasan Hüseyin Sertkaya, Deputy Mayor of Ankara Minibuscular Chamber of Tradesmen, who participated in the distribution of food parcels at the Gülbaba Dolmuş Station, said, “We thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş for his help. As our president of goodness said, it is nice as we share it. ”

Ankara Minibuscular Chamber of Tradesmen Hamdi Şentına Board Member “Our tradesmen are very troubled and victim due to coronavirus. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavas, who gives all kinds of support to the tradesmen and does not make us victimized. ”


Stating that they continue their hygiene support for the dolmus shopkeepers serving in the capital, Zabita Branch Manager Veda Oğan said, “Our dolmies are also disinfected. Our teams have been continuing the disinfection process in minibuses from the beginning. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we are always with our tradesmen in this difficult process. ''

Dolmuşçu tradesmen expressed their satisfaction for food parcel, mask and disinfection support initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality with the following words:

-Volkan Buyruk: "We thank the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, for his help."

-Zabit Efe Bulut: “We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor who is with the Ankara Minibus shopkeepers. The disinfection process and mask distribution to date made us very happy. ”

-Mehmet Süzer: “We would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş for the aid of food parcels made after disinfection and mask distribution to our vehicles since the beginning of the process.”

-Hüseyin Meral: “We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş, Ankara Police and our chamber for their help in eliminating our victimization.

-Mehmet Sertkaya: “Thank you very much to the Metropolitan Police teams, the Minibuses Chamber and our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavas, who did not support us in the difficult process.”


Metropolitan Municipality provides food parcel support to dolmuscu tradesmen while continuing to distribute masks.

Thanking the Ankara Police, who distributed a mask at the bus stops at many points in the city, Sincan Chauffeurs and Automobile Chamber Craftsmen Chairman Isa Yalçın said, “We also took our precautions after the announcement of Covid19. Mr. Mansur Yavaş, our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor, was with us in this difficult period. Since the beginning of the process, he has given us masks and disinfected our vehicles. Now he was with us with the distribution of the food parcel. ”

Mustafa Kale, who worked at the Sincan Dolmuş Station, stated that they were delighted with the distribution of food parcels and masks, and underlined that İsmail Çalkal did not withhold the financial and moral support of the Metropolitan Municipality. Emphasizing that it is meaningful for him both to distribute food aid boxes and distribute masks for public health due to the month of Ramadan, the dolmuscu tradesman Recep Sağlam also said, “We thank the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavas for the aid of food parcels and mask distribution”.

Mustafa Koç, the Head of the Police Department, who participated in the distribution of food aid packages at the Sincan Dolmuş Stop, said, “We distributed our food boxes to 336 minibuses with our Chamber President at the Sincan Central Stop. We deliver these food boxes to our friends who work as drivers in minibuses. We want to deliver a tablespoon to the Ramadan tables. We brought the greetings of our president, ”he said.

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