How will the Weekend Transportation in Istanbul be? Will the Metro, Metrobus and Steamboats Work?

How will the transportation be in Istanbul on the weekend, will the metro, metrobus and ferries work?
How will the transportation be in Istanbul on the weekend, will the metro, metrobus and ferries work?

Under the measures taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a curfew was declared in 15 provinces, including Istanbul. IMM, which has been able to work comfortably on streets and streets that are empty by turning previous curfews into opportunities, will be at work this weekend with its highest number of staff ever. IMM, which will serve with 16 personnel in two days, will not cause any deficiency for Istanbul residents.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the curfews announced every weekend and on public holidays will continue this weekend. Between the 30th and 31st of May, IMM will be on duty with a record number of 15 personnel in the curfew, which will be valid in 16 provinces, including Istanbul. In addition to basic needs such as transportation, water, natural gas, bread, İBB, which will continue its security services with its vegetable and fruit state, elderly and disabled care, funeral services, disposal of medical and solid waste, mobile hygiene team, ALO 814, construction site works, It will not cause a deficiency in service to Istanbul residents who will spend at home. Having the opportunity to work comfortably with the decrease of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, IMM will perform 153 10 tons of asphalt application within two days.

In order to prevent our citizens who are obliged to work due to their mandatory duties and healthcare workers not to be victims of transportation; Between 07: 00-21: 00, there will be 30 minutes intervals.
During the curfew, M6 Levent-Boğaziçi Ü / Hisarüstü metro and F1 Taksim-Kabataş funicular lines and T3 Kadıköy- There will be no operation on the fashion tram, TF1 Maçka-Taşkışla and TF2 Eyüp-Piyer Loti cable car lines. During the operation, planning was made in a way not to exceed 25 percent occupancy in accordance with the previous decisions. Passengers are required to comply with the social distance rules at our stations and vehicles published by the Provincial Hygiene Council decision. On the days of curfew, 649 people will work separately for each day.

Lines to Operate:
M1A Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport metro line
M1B Yenikapı-Kirazlı metro line
M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line
M3 Kirazlı-Olimpiyat-Başakşehir metro line
M4 Kadıköy-Tavşantepe metro line
M5 Üsküdar-Çekmeköy metro line
T1 Kabataş- Bağcılar tram line
T4 Topkapı-Masjid-i Selam tram line

IETT, no problem in public transportation for IETT planned to make 498 thousand 527 flights with 9 lines and 216 vehicles on each Saturday and Sunday. Details of which lines run every few minutes. from the website and MOBİETT Accessible from the app.

At the weekend, 47 vehicles were allocated for a total of 81 hospitals. On the Metrobus line, the flights will be held every 06.00 minutes between 10.00 and 3, every 10.00 minutes between 16.00 and 10, every 16.00 minutes between 20.00 and 3. There will be a 20.00-minute flight between 00.00 and 15 on Saturday and Sunday.

06: 00-10: 00 3 ONE ONE 3 ONE ONE
10: 00-16: 00 10 ONE ONE 10 ONE ONE
16: 00-20: 00 3 ONE ONE 3 ONE ONE
20: 00-00: 00 15 ONE ONE 15 ONE ONE

ISTAC, Istanbul-wide main roads, squares, Marmaray and subway entrances, overpasses - underpasses, bus platforms / stops, Bayrampaşa and Ataşehir Haller, mechanical washing, mechanical sweeping in public areas such as hospitals and various public institutions and organizations. will do hand sweeping work. İSTAÇ vehicles will be on duty 742 times in these works, where 482 personnel will serve. In 2 days, a total of 1 million 50 thousand 860 square meters (approximately the size of 147 football fields) will be washed, and 10 million 960 square meters (approximately 860 football fields) will be cleaned by sweeping with mechanical tools.

It is planned to collect about 70 tons of medical waste (with 2-day total shifts) with 72 personnel and to be disposed with 25 personnel, including quarantine dormitories on the Asian and European side. İSTAÇ will serve Istanbul residents with 2 personnel, with repetitive shifts for 3 days. İSTAÇ will also use 616 vehicles to collect medical waste.

-There will be no interruption in natural gas service.
İGDAŞ's 7/24 Emergency Response teams, 187 Natural Gas Emergency Telephone Line Centers, meter reading and billing teams and logistics teams will be on duty in this curfew with a total of 2 personnel in shifts. Natural gas service to 298 million Istanbul residents will continue to be delivered uninterruptedly and safely.

With the aim of carrying out asphalt production and asphalt application activities, İSFALT employs 915 personnel; 260 staff will be on site for disinfection. Asphalt application works will continue intensely especially in 11 districts of Istanbul. KadıköyA total of 10 thousand 390 tons of asphalt is planned for the roads of Kartal, Beykoz, Şile, Maltepe, Ümraniye, Bağcılar, Bayrampaşa, Arnavutköy, Silivri and Büyükçekmece.

Benefiting from the fact that the main arteries are empty during this period of curfew, İSKİ will work on 40 different points in the fields of waste water, rainwater, stream improvement and drinking water throughout Istanbul. These works will be continued with 4 thousand 154 personnel.

The IMM Directorate of Support Services has appointed 270 vehicles, 270 driver personnel, 270 social workers and 270 assistant personnel to deliver aid packages to citizens in need. Food packages will continue to be prepared in Kartal, Merter and Yenikapı warehouses to be delivered to those in need.

Support Services Department will continue to meet the food and beverage needs of citizens in the homeless camp. Accommodation services will continue to be provided to 32 healthcare professionals at Zeytinburnu Social Facility. In addition, the food and beverage needs of the healthcare professionals staying in the hotels will be met by the Support Services Department.

İBB Environmental Protection and Control Department, which operates through Waste Management, Environmental Protection and Marine Services Directorates, within two days with İSTAÇ AŞ, which operates under the responsibility of the institution;
- Waste Management Directorate, It will clear places such as major roads, squares and public transport areas. While the cleaning process involves one thousand 609 personnel, 800 thousand square meters of area will be washed. Mechanical cleaning will be carried out on an area of ​​10 million 710 thousand square meters. 24 personnel will work at the Waste Incineration and Sterilization Facilities on both sides of the city. Domestic wastes, 13 thousand domestic wastes in European and Asian sides will be transported to storage facilities.
- Environmental Protection Directorate, will continue to measure air quality in the city. In the curfew, measuring air quality will be a source of measures to be taken.
- Marine Services DirectorateWill provide service with 41 personnel and 10 shore vehicles on 30 and 31 May. Five sea surface cleaning vehicles will also take part in the cleaning of sea water.

ISTON, which will continue to work on construction sites throughout the city without interruption, will continue its production at Hadımköy and Tuzla factories without interruption during the two-day curfew.
ISTON also organizes Hacı Osman Grove environmental design, Kadıköy Kurbağalıdere Yogurtçu Park Sea structure and landscaping between Moda, Atatürk Olympic Stadium landscaping, Beylikdüzü and Avcılar pedestrian overpasses maintenance and repair, July 15 Bus Station retreat arrangement, Göztepe Metro Station, Kagithane Metro Station Entrance Treaty Arrangement, Giyimkent Street-Tem North Side Road Reinforced Concrete Wall and Underpass Arrangement, Yeni Mahalle Metro Station, Karadeniz Mahallesi Metro Station, landscaping, Güngören Kale Center transportation traffic arrangement, Hasan Tahsin Street pedestrian area arrangement, IETT Garage and Havaist Platform Areas Arrangement, Aycice Street Concrete Pavement Construction Work, Saltuk The works will continue in the construction sites of Buğrahan Street Concrete Tread Works, Bağlar Street Concrete Tread Works, Şamlar Street pedestrian area arrangement, Sarıyer Özdereiçi stone wall construction, Beylikdüzü Cemevi street aerial works. Works on the maintenance and repair projects of various playgrounds under the Directorate of Parks and Gardens will continue. In this context, 779 ISTON and subcontractor personnel will work.

City Lines, with 15 ships, 11 ships and 1 steamer, 6 lines in total; 170 operational expeditions will be made. 304 personnel of City Lines will be at the top of their duties with the personnel who will be on duty at the piers and shipyards.

6 lines to be served as follows:
Kadıköy-Karaköy Eminonu,
İstinye-Çubuklu Ferry lines.

Other services provided by IMM units on May 30-31 are as follows:
BELTER: It will continue to serve with 15 personnel, 60 hospitals and nearly 40 employees at 55 points in 400 city line ferry kiosks.
İSTGÜV by: Throughout the 2-day curfew, it will continue to serve with 830 thousand 3 personnel at 865 locations.
Isyour of: Gürpınar Seafood Products and Kadıköy It will continue its services on Tuesday Market with 65 staff.
ISTANBUL WOOD AND LANDSCAPE INC.: Within the scope of the maintenance and irrigation works of Istanbul-wide green areas, 480 personnel will continue their landscaping and landscaping work with 310 vehicles.
İSFALT: In order to carry out asphalt production and asphalt application activities, with 919 personnel; will be on the field with 260 staff for disinfection.
UGETAM: With 4 teams of 2 people, it will continue to provide third party inspection services on the Anatolian and European sides. UAV: On the first day of the curfew, Istanbul Halk Ekmek will continue to work in full capacity with 1 factories, 3 buffets and 514 personnel. Buffets will remain closed on Sunday, May 346, as bread production will not take place.
ISBAK: With 165 personnel across the city, metro signalization, signaling systems, programming, implementation, installation and operation will continue on the basis of directorates and chiefs.
I İSTTELKO: In order to maintain all communication infrastructure systems without interruption; A total of 1 technical experts will be employed, including 22o in Data Center services, 4 in WIFI Services, 2 in Wireless Services, and 38 in IT Services.
İSPER AŞ: Hospice, Home Health, Social Services, Police, Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment, İSKİ, Disabled Services, Funeral Services, Child Activities, Youth and Sports, Public Relations, Directorate of State, Hızır Emergency, İGDAŞ, Family Counseling and Education Center, Operations Directorate Will continue to serve Istanbul and its residents with 3 staff working in Women Family Services, Orchestras and Theaters, Rehabilitation of Orphaned Animals.
IMM CEMETERS DEPARTMENT: It will work with approximately one thousand 283 personnel and 268 service vehicles in order to keep the services down.
310 personnel will work in elderly nursing homes and nursing homes, and 30 personnel will be employed in housing services for homeless people.
PARK, GARDEN AND GREEN AREAS DIRECTORATE: A total of 400 personnel and 543 contractor personnel will work in the maintenance and repair of parks, gardens and green areas in the European and Anatolian Side.
ISPARK: İSPARK parking lots will be closed to service. However, in the days when the ban is on behalf of not experiencing any shortage Headquarters, some open and Storey Car Parks, Alibeyköy Mobile bus station P + R, Istinye and Tarabya Marina, Bayrampaşa Vegetable-Fruit State and Kozyatağı including Halim Vegetable-Fruit, a total of 203 staff on duty to will be available.
IMM FIRE: It will be at the service of Istanbul residents with 123 vehicles and approximately 849 personnel at 2 fire stations.
IMM OFFICER: As with any curfew, he will be on duty. It will serve Istanbul in shifts, remotely and alternately with an average of 989 personnel, 483 vehicles and 220 teams. It will carry out inspections within the scope of coronavirus-fighting measures. He will be with Istanbul residents in many areas, from gathering citizens on the streets to healthcare professionals and pharmacists.
HAMİDİYE SU: Hamidiye Su will make its production and shipments uninterrupted in accordance with its previously scheduled schedule on Saturdays and Sundays, where there is a curfew. 167 dealers, 263 vehicles and 760 personnel will serve Istanbul residents when there is a curfew.

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