How to Apply for 65 and Over Travel Permit Applications?

How to apply for age and travel permit applications
How to apply for age and travel permit applications

Citizens aged 65 and over, who have been restricted from going out for a long time, were allowed to go to their desired one-way places on Thursday, May 21, at 09.00, on condition that they did not return for at least one month from 81:65 on Thursday, May XNUMX. Accordingly, a Circular on Travel Permit Certificate for Citizens aged XNUMX and Over was sent to the XNUMX provincial governorships by the Ministry of Interior.

Who Can Apply for a Travel Permit Certificate?

With the circular dated March 22, provided that our citizens aged 65 and over (except those who have had organ and bone marrow transplants, those with immunodeficiency and dialysis due to kidney failure within three years) have received a travel permit and stay at their places for at least 30 days. will be able to go to any place they want. In this context, one person can accompany citizens aged 65 and over during their travels.

Citizens 65 and older; Travel Permission Requests can be made electronically on Thursday, May 21, at 09.00, via E-Government, Ministry of Interior, E-Application System and Alo 199 Loyalty Support Line.

Where to Apply for a Travel Permit Certificate?

During the application, the applicant and his accompanying; In addition to the isolation query of Covid-19 at home, the issue of whether or not the specified diseases will be automatically asked through the system.

Our citizens will not need to go to any health institution or governorate / governorates to get the document in question. Travel Permit applications will be automatically evaluated and finalized.

Those who are accepted for permission will be informed via SMS, and an application approval document can be printed via E-Government.

The Travel Permit Document issued will be valid for one way and it will be essential for citizens aged 65 and over who have travel permit to stay in the place they have visited for at least 30 days. (Those who are 65 years old and above can return within 72 hours.)

Information of citizens aged 65 and over, whose permit is accepted, will be automatically notified to the provincial governorships to which they are registered and the family physician they are registered with. Necessary follow-ups will be made by the family physicians they are registered with.

Citizens aged 65 and over will continue their curfews as part of the circular published on March 22 in places they will go.

By the Governors / District Governors regarding the mentioned measures;

In accordance with Article 11 / C of the Provincial Administration Law and Articles 27 and 72 of the Public Health Law, the necessary decisions will be taken within the framework mentioned above.

Taking into consideration the intensity that those who have received a travel permit certificate and who will travel with public transportation vehicles can create in bus stations, measures regarding public transportation will be planned and in practice, there will be no disruption and victimization.

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