Application Conditions for 'Healthy Tourism Certification Program' are Determined

Healthy tourism certification program application conditions are determined
Healthy tourism certification program application conditions are determined

The purchase conditions of the certificate have been determined with the TURKAK approved accreditation institutions, which have been initiated under the coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and will issue certificates within the framework of the “Healthy Tourism Certification Program”, one of the first examples in the world.

The “Healthy Tourism Certificate” implemented by the Ministry, which has carried out an extensive study in the last one and a half months for the return of the Turkish tourism to normal, will provide a safe holiday service where tourists can spend their holidays with peace of mind.

Reminding that the document, which will be valid as of this summer season, has been prepared with the contribution of the relevant ministries and the cooperation of all stakeholders of the sector, Minister Ersoy shared the details of the program with the public.

Minister Ersoy, taking the opinions of non-governmental organizations such as TÜROFED, TÜROB and TÜRYİD and pointing out that they determined the authorized institutions as a result of the evaluations made together, noted that this document will inspect the accommodation and food and beverage facilities within the framework of international criteria.

"Healthy Tourism Certificate" with regard to the competencies of institutions to be in the same time Turkey Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) Minister stating that by the approved cases Ersoy, the TURKAK approved provider will give you a healthy tourism Document as of today is It will be announced on the internet address.

It is not mandatory to get the document

Minister Ersoy, who invited the facilities, who want to confirm that they serve in accordance with the necessary hygiene and social distance rules, to apply to the enterprises they will prefer among these institutions, emphasized that the document is absolutely not mandatory.

However, stating that they believe that the normalization in the tourism sector will accelerate with the increase of the certificate holders, Minister Ersoy pointed out that the organizations that will issue this certificate have the necessary accreditation standards and competence in international validity.

Certified facilities will be announced from the Ministry Site

Accreditation companies authorized to issue certificates will conduct a hygiene and health inspection and conformity assessment with the application initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

These companies will prepare reports regarding the evaluations they will make, regularly send inspectors to the facilities that apply, and will check whether the service is provided in accordance with the criteria.

Except for TURKAK approved inspection and certification companies, other enterprises that want to work on this subject will also be able to audit if they have the necessary competence and their accreditation is confirmed by TÜRKAK.

The facilities receiving the certificate will be announced on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Guests arriving at the facilities will be able to see the logo of the document in the “Healthy Tourism Document”, the data matrix application with detailed information about the inspection and the logo of the controlling company.

From eating to drinking facilities accommodations, guests of the resort employees from a wide range of new measures to define their health status "Healthy Tourism Certification Program" to the competent authorities of Turkey about the criteria and Tourism Promotion and Development Agency is It can be accessed from the internet address.

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