Free Internet Period Has Begun on ESHOT Buses

Free internet period started on eshot buses
Free internet period started on eshot buses

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also includes ESHOT buses in its free and wireless internet service launched in 2015 under the name WizmirNET. Pilot implementation started in 10 lines connected to the university, in a total of 60 vehicles.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality includes ESHOT buses in the free and wireless internet service that it started in the city's squares under the name of WizmirNET and then carried it to İZDENİZ ships. In the study initiated by ESHOT General Directorate in cooperation with WizmirNET, university-connected buses were made suitable for free-wireless internet service.

Pilot application for free internet service on buses has been launched on 8 buses with a total number of 171, 330, 470, 515, 800, 817, 878, 963, 969 and 60 lines connected to Ege, Dokuz Eylul, Izmir Economy and Izmir Katip Celebi universities and Izmir Institute of Technology. . Citizens using these buses will be able to connect to WizmirNET on their mobile phones and use the internet service by following the desired steps. Once connected, mobile phones will automatically be connected to the Internet on other boardings.

No Quota for Social Media

There will not be any quota for social media entries in internet connections made from buses. However, some security measures will be implemented to prevent malicious use. ESHOT General Directorate hung the posters with the theme of “connecting to the internet in three steps” prepared for the connection to be made easily. Work will continue to be implemented on a larger number of buses.

7 Million Izmir Benefited

The free-of-charge wireless internet service initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality under the name of WizmirNET continues in 27 fixed points and İZDENİZ ships in 42 districts. The number of entries made using the application reached 7 million. This number is expected to increase rapidly with the inclusion of buses.

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