Flash Claim Regarding Beşikdüzü Cable Car Facilities

Flash claim regarding besikduzu cable car facilities
Flash claim regarding besikduzu cable car facilities

Trabzon Beşikdüzü Municipality Council Member Önder Öztürk claimed that the cable car company acted against the contract in Beşikdüzü.

Öztürk noted the following; “The company that operates the Beşikdüzü Cable Car Facilities does not fulfill its contractual obligations. According to the 7th article of the contract, 2019 percent of the turnover it made in 18.1 has not been paid by the Municipality until May 15, 2020. In addition, the company did not give the 2019 balance sheet until the end of April. I present the situation to the attention of our people. Nobody says no money. "

Önder Öztürk shared the following notes;

1- 2018 million TL was spent for the cable car facilities, which was completed by Beşikdüzü Municipality in 120, and 35 million TL of this amount was covered by Iller Bank with a low interest loan with a fifteen-year term, and the municipal resources and grants were met.

2- With the tender specifications prepared by Beşikdüzü Municipality, it was put out to tender under the title of "Construction and Operation of Hotel and Commercial Facilities for 29 Years for the Cable Car Facility at the Beşikdağ Tourism and Nature Sports Center" and the tender remained at the company named GİZTAŞ A.Ş. It has been signed.

3- Since it was seen that Giztaş A.Ş company did not fulfill its obligations under the Tender Specifications and the Contract after a few months, the termination of the contract was reached due to the interests of Beşikdüzü Municipality and its People in accordance with the relevant articles of the contract.

4- Giztaş A.Ş firm awarded the cable car tender of Afyon Municipality before Beşikdüzü. kazanHe also awarded the Cable Car Construction tender in Kocaeli Kartepe Municipality. kazanSince it is known that the The new administrations of these two municipalities, which took office after the March 30, 2019 elections, made TERMINATION about the company by using the tender specifications and the right arising from the contract. The company's guarantees of approximately 10 million TL given to the municipalities were recorded as revenue to the municipalities.

5- During the termination process of Beşikdüzü Municipality, Giztaş company declared that it wants to use the COMMON RECEPTION option, which is due to the contract. A new contract was signed with a company named AFRİNA, with the commitment that they will fulfill the obligations in the specification and contract, and a new contract was signed with the Municipality, Giztaş and Afrina.

6- The owner of the company Afrina was a citizen of Saudi Arabia. In accordance with the contract, he paid the amount of TL 10 million to Beşikdüzü Municipality, including the overdue interest. In addition, the construction of the parking area around the lower station and the shopping center has started, and the upper station has also started the construction of the World-shaped hotel built by the Municipality until 13.42. These are the works that are mandatory in the tender specifications.

7- And after the election on March 30, 2019, the Municipality Administration, which came to power after the election, fined the Teleferik Company with a million TL unfair excuse. In addition, the unfortunate words made by the Mayor for the Arab investors in the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Assembly (Let the stone gather and leave the comb. Let them leave Beşikdüzü.) When it was included in the press, the Arab left the common cable car facility and left Beşikdüzü. Thus, the cable car operation remained with Giztaş, another partner. In the meantime, two thirds of the sentence imposed by May 2020 was collected by the municipality.

8- When the Arab partner left, all constructions were stopped. In fact, even if the mold and iron of one floor of the hotel built at the summit were knitted, this production was sold to the subcontractor for a part of the dismantling of the iron in the dismantled construction site and the iron mat woven in the deck.

9- Despite all the warnings and warnings of the technical personnel of the municipality, the operating company does not fulfill any obligations to be made in accordance with the Contract. The total monetary value of the works to be done is 20 million TL. With this report, Mayor Ramis Uzun Bey was presented. Come in December 2019, the company was given a six-month extension for the Shopping Center, which should be done at the sub-station. As of May 2020, for now, water bass has been poured in this production. This time extension is completely unlawful. Moreover, the company acquired the Cable Car Operations on the condition of completing the works to be done at the upper station as of the end of June 2020. But to date, even nails have not been nailed.

10 Will the municipality management continue to favor the company, or will Afyon Municipality and Kocaeli Kartepe Municipalities protect the right of its citizens and record the guarantee given by the company as income, and will perform the Termination Transaction as required by the Tender Specifications and the Contract signed with the Company? Otherwise, it will be revealed that the President and the Assembly members are committing crimes during the audits to be carried out by the Court of Accounts and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and they will be prosecuted for misconduct and damaging the public. The resulting public loss will be embezzled to those concerned. We'll wait and see. (Source: Article 61)

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