Statement from the MSB! Summons and Referral Processes will be Announced on May 28 via e-Government

summons and referral transactions from msb will be announced from mayista
summons and referral transactions from msb will be announced from mayista

Press information was given on the measures taken, the ongoing activities and issues on the agenda of the Ministry of National Defense, especially the fight against terrorism, against the COVID19 epidemic. The information prepared in the form of a video due to the COVID-19 epidemic shared the following information:


19 PKK / YPG terrorists, who attempted to infiltrate the Peace Spring District at midnight on May 10, were identified and neutralized by our hero commandos. With the latest incident, 66 PKK / YPG terrorists have been neutralized in the Peace Spring Area in the past month.

Exploration, surveillance and humanitarian aid / support activities are continuously carried out for the continuation of peace and tranquility in the region. In this context, repair activities have been initiated for the re-operation of Haseke and the Allouk Water Plant, which has been rendered unusable by the PKK / YPG terrorist organization, and great efforts have been made to make the facilities reusable and water has been started to be given to Haseke and its rural areas in November 2019. However, water facilities that need electrical energy could not be operated sufficiently due to the deliberate disconnection and insufficient transmission of electricity provided by the terrorist organization to the south of the Peace Spring Region and under the control of the Terrorist Organization PKK / YPG.

The frequently cut and already insufficient electricity has prevented the water wells in Rasulayn and Tel-Abyad, especially the Allouk water plant, from working at full capacity, causing a water problem in the region, life without electricity and water in the winter conditions, a great distress for the people of the region and He had difficulties.

As a result of the intense efforts of our personnel and the contacts with the Russian Federation, only 1 megawatts of the 2020 megawatts of electricity needs of the region have been provided as of April 70, 10, and most of the Tel-Abyad and Resulayn power lines and substations have been repaired.

Despite the electricity that is insufficient due to the pressure of the PKK / YPG terrorist organization and frequently cut, the clean water needs of people living in Wire Repair and Haseke, who benefited from the Allouk water facilities with additional measures, have been met since March.

As a result, the agenda, which want to benefit from the Covidien-19 virus terrorist organization PKK / ypg'n, water to the region Hasakah reflect the reality of allegedly interrupted by Turkey.


The fight against terrorism continues with an uninterrupted and assault approach at home and abroad. The number of terrorists that have been neutralized in all operational areas since 1 January is 1445.

In the last month, 24 medium-scale and 2 large-scale operations were carried out domestically for the shelter areas of the PKK / KCK terrorist organization. In the continuing operations, 104 terrorists have been neutralized in the past month; 5 anti-tank guns, 2 antiaircraft guns, 3 sniper guns, 2 machine guns, 26 infantry rifles, 46 grenades, 104 detonators, 3200 anti-aircraft ammunition, 3700 light arms ammunition, 30 mortar ammunition, 88 rocket launcher ammunition, 80 Kg. C-4 explosive substance; 340 Kg. ammonium nitrate seized; 35 EYPs were destroyed with 67 antipersonnel mines. 77 locations, shelters, caves and warehouses, which were found to be used by terrorists, were destroyed and made unusable.


As a result of the measures and operations carried out in the border line to combat smuggling from the financial resources of the PKK / KCK terrorist organization, 110.000 packs of cigarettes, 72 kg of drugs, 98.000 drug pills and 10 infantry rifles were seized in the past month.

In addition, a total of 533 persons who were involved in illegal border crossing attempts were caught in the last month, and 10.298 persons were blocked / pushed back before the raspberry passed. Among these individuals, 2 DAESH TO members were caught, and 8 members of the PKK / PYD-YPG terrorist organization surrendered.


Regarding Libya, as stated before, our aim is; Under the leadership and ownership of the Libyans, it ensured territorial integrity and national unity, covering all Libyan citizens without exception; to contribute to the formation of an independent, sovereign and prosperous Libya. In this context, the Turkish Armed Forces personnel continue to provide military training and consultancy support to UMH, the legitimate representative of the Libyan people recognized by the UN, within the framework of bilateral agreements signed in accordance with U / A law.


Regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, on the one hand, necessary studies are carried out within the scope of effective struggle, and on the other hand, plans for the normalization process are also ongoing.

In this context, it is planned that the discharge will start from 31 May, the summons will start from 5 June, and the paid military summons will start from 20 June. The results of the selection and classification of the obligations subject to shipment will be announced on e-government on 28 May 2020.

It is important for the obliged parties to complete the “COVID-19” questionnaire via e-Government four days before the dispatch date, and to perform the “Kovid-19” tests in the health institutions they are directed to. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak; In order to eliminate the risk of contamination and to minimize contact, all transactions in the referral process will be made by e-Government, except for mandatory cases, no military transactions will be made at the military branches. Our citizens will be able to access detailed information through our internet account.


Combating FETÖ in coordination with the relevant institutions; it is maintained with determination in the light of new information, documents and data. As a result of the investigations carried out within this scope; Since 15 July 2016, a total of 19.495 personnel have been expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces. The judicial and administrative process for 4.682 personnel is ongoing.

Turkish Armed Forces, who are ready for action with their effective, deterrent and respected qualifications; for the defense and security of our country; With faith, patience and sacrifice, he is determined to accomplish any task assigned to him.

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