Selluka Certificate will be given to businesses that comply with Hygiene Criteria in Izmir

Enterprises that meet the hygiene criteria in Izmir will be awarded
Enterprises that meet the hygiene criteria in Izmir will be awarded

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Hygiene Board convened for the second time to determine the criteria that will be valid in hotels and food and beverage facilities after the relaxation in coronavirus measures.

Tourism Hygiene Board, formed by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which implemented Crisis Municipality in the fight against coronavirus outbreak, held its second meeting. The meeting focused on the steps to be taken to ensure that the tourism activities are carried out in a healthy and safe manner, especially in the summer months. At the meeting held at the Historical Gas Factory, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that hygiene rules have become more important with the coronavirus epidemic.

Pointing out that with this study, İzmir will have a different road map, and that they will take the city one step further from the other provinces in the fight against epidemic, Soyer said: . Let's spread the Selluka application, which was initiated by İzmir Culture and Tourism Directorate in time, in the city. In this way, let us follow a path that will be different from the hygiene and cleaning activities that Selluka and other cities will do in this regard. This is our problem. While doing this study, we want to listen to the words of all stakeholders and turn it into a text of agreement that everyone will hear. ”

"Consumers' priority is hygiene"

Expressing that there will be a road map peculiar to İzmir during and after the pandemic process, this road map will be shaped through hygiene, and underlined that Selluka application is an important detail that will distinguish İzmir from other cities. Stating that Selluka certificate will be given to those who meet the criteria that will be valid in accommodation and food and beverage facilities, Soyer said, “The priority of the consumers is now hygiene. No matter how delicious you cook, the consumer's priority will always be hygiene. For this reason, businesses that meet the criteria will be rated. We will give Selluka to those who meet the hygiene criteria. ” Yaşar University School of Applied Sciences, Head of the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Assoc. Dr. Seda Genç gave information about the rules that businesses should follow.

The hygiene criteria of Selluka application will be finalized and announced to the public within a week.

What is Selluka application?

Selluka application is an awarding system based on the hygiene standard. Within the scope of Crisis Municipality, this system will be implemented as follows: Teams will be established by district municipalities upon the instructions of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The teams that will be formed according to the population of the districts will be trained first. Then, these teams will check whether the businesses meet the specified criteria and prepare a report. The prepared reports will be submitted to the Tourism Hygiene Board. The board will also decide whether to issue Selluka certificate to the enterprises after examining the reports.

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