Effective Method for Corona Virus Protection 'Mouthwash'

Effective method of preventing corona virus mouthwash
Effective method of preventing corona virus mouthwash

While the vaccination and drug studies for the corona virus (COVID 5,5), which has influenced the world and infect about 19 million people to date, continue at full speed, scientists continue to work on corona antivirus methods. In order to protect from corona virus, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of mouth hygiene and mouthwash as well as hand hygiene, mask use and social distance rules.

Mouthwash Reduces the Effectiveness of the Virus

A recent study by scientists from Cardiff University in the UK revealed that mouthwash could protect against Covid-19 by inactivating the corona virus before infecting human cells. ENT Clinic Administrative Officer Op. Dr. Murat Açıkalın: “Mouthwashes and mouthwashing solutions are the main substances such as Chlorhexidine, benzydamine, povidin iodine, hydrogen peroxide, cetylpyridinium and auxiliary substances that increase the effectiveness of these main substances, which we, as the ENT doctor, use frequently. In tonsillitis, pharyngitis-throat inflammations, bad breath, gum discomfort, aphta etc. We use mouthwashes in both prevention and treatment of many diseases. In current studies, it has been scientifically proven that mouthwash reduces the effectiveness of enveloped viruses. From our patients, there are patients we treat based on this activity. However, we currently have no direct data on corona virus. Instead of an assertive sentence as killing the Corona virus, we think it reduces the effectiveness of the virus by destroying the lipid layer outside the virus, as it does with other enveloped viruses. ” said.

The Work of Cardiff University Hopeed and Enthusiastic Us

Açıkalın also said: “The work of Cardiff University has given us hope and enthusiasm. Because, our observation during the pandemic period was that patients who used long-term mouthwash especially due to chronic pharyngitis and recurrent oral aphthae had fewer symptoms and complaints of corona virus than the normal population. After this observation, when we questioned the patients who used long-term mouthwashes with similar diagnoses retrospectively, we decided to investigate the subject in more depth when we received similar results. Our hospital and clinic played an active role in this pandemic from the very beginning. In patients admitted to our service, the taste impairment had metallic taste and dryness in the mouth. When we used mouthwash in patients with such complaints, we found that their complaints disappear more quickly. In this sense, it has contributed to the treatment.

Mouth Gargle Has Patient Reimbursement

Researching the effects of mouthwashes on corona virus, both in the world and in our country, is a very new subject. Studies are limited and very few in progress. We took the formulation of chlorhexidine and benzydamine HCL into our study. The reason for this is that it has widespread use both in our country and in the world and it is more reliable. In this sense, it does not constitute an additional financial burden to the patient since it is also reimbursed by social security institutions. ”

Easy to Use

As with all medication uses, it will be the healthiest way to start using the drug with the advice of a physician and during the time recommended by your physician, without forgetting that these mouthwashes are medicines. Gargle is easy to use. 2 ml every 3-15 hours. - roughly 1 tablespoon of mouthwash solution is rinsed in the mouth for about 30 seconds and spit out. Generally, after 2 weeks of use, it is better not to use it for 3-5 days if it is necessary to use it for a long time. It should also be noted that it will not be suitable for use in pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years of age.

Instead of saying "It is possible to protect against the virus by using mouthwash alone", we pay attention to the "correct mask use" (we frequently see misuse such as the chin, the nose is exposed), maintaining the physical distance as much as possible, using gargle as well as general hygiene rules. it will make the corona stronger against the virus. Açıkalın stated that “Failure to comply with oral hygiene is not only due to this type of infectious diseases, but also cancers of the mouth and even throat cancer, inviting many diseases. And again, these hygiene rules (brushing teeth, using dental floss, drinking plenty of water, hand I remind you that there are rules that we should always pay attention to. I recommend the use of mouthwash in addition to Corona virus and similar epidemic periods (avian flu, swine flu etc.). ” found in the description.

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