Demand for Car Wash Increased 85 Percent During Epidemic Period

Demand for auto wash increased during epidemic period
Demand for auto wash increased during epidemic period

The coronavirus epidemic, which started in China and affected the whole world, was particularly effective on approaches to hygiene. Due to the risk of contact contamination, disinfection procedures in closed areas have become widespread, and citizens have frequently started to disinfect the objects they use in daily life.

Another remarkable sensitivity in this process was vehicle cleaning. Digital Car Assistant ooautos explain that according to data görülüg in Turkey's outbreak demand car wash since March 85% arttı.y new normal periods also gained momentum this table watch that and a daily routine will become quicker and safer to predicted that the need for everyone of car cleaning It is pointed out that the ability to respond in a way is through the digitalization of the car wash sector.

Car cleaning has become part of the 'daily hygiene chain'

Evaluating the increase in car wash requests, ooAutos General Manager Serkan Akçaoğlu stated that it is very important to be safe during transportation and that cleaning will become a daily routine in the new normal period and increase the demands. Akçaoğlu said, “Now, people take action and act in a way to form a daily hygiene chain in the process until they leave their homes and return again. One of the rings of this chain is vehicle cleaning. This is one of the main reasons for an increase of up to 85% today compared to the number of pre-pandemic washings. On the other hand, as companies become more conscious about hygiene, the demands of not only personal vehicles but also company vehicles are increasing rapidly. At this point, it is very important for the sector to respond to corporate demands and to systematize the process. ''

Digital transformation is essential for continuity of acceleration in the car wash sector

Serkan Akçaoğlu emphasized that the services provided should be safe and easily accessible in order to sustain the momentum gained by the sector in two months and emphasized that this could only be possible by digitalization. Akçaoğlu, '' car wash industry, is one of the traditional business areas operating in Turkey. Most businesses are family businesses where few people work, and many don't even have computers. Digitalization is essential to sustain this serious momentum that the industry has gained over a 2-month period. Contactless payment is of paramount importance, especially in the present day when contact continues to be at risk. In order to integrate to such innovations, it is necessary to establish the necessary infrastructures in the sector and use various technologies. At this point, we, as ooAutos, ensure that the driver receives the car wash service with zero contact by payment method with QR code, and supports the digital transformation of the sector by providing an infrastructure that allows access to many vehicle services with one click. ''

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