Decrease in Domestic and Women Violence Incidents

Decrease in Domestic and Women Violence Incidents
Decrease in Domestic and Women Violence Incidents

under the influence of a new type of coronavirus outbreak during the country rose against domestic violence and women throughout the world to reduce these events in Turkey. Murders of women that occurred in the 4-month period of this year decreased by 36% compared to the same period of last year. When Turkey first started seeing cases of coronavirus as compared to the previous and next 11-day period from March 70, and 7% in the number of domestic violence against women, it has seen a 31% reduction in the number of women who lost their lives.

The new measures and steps taken within the scope of combating violence against women and domestics have started to show their effects. In the past years, insults, threats, etc. within the scope of the law. While the incidents were considered as normal judicial incidents, these incidents were now analyzed more carefully and numbered 6284. Law on Protection of Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women are considered within the scope of Thus, applications regarding complaints in this regard are handled sensitively by the newly established units, ensuring that protective and preventive measures are taken without delay. In this context, 1.005 bureaus for combating violence against women were established at the provincial/district level across the country, and expert personnel were assigned to them.

Increased in the world, it Fell in Turkey

During the new type of coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world, it was observed that there was an increase in domestic violence and violence against women worldwide. However, this increase was not experienced in Turkey. In the 11-day period after and before March 70, the date when the corona case was first seen in Turkey, when the incidents of violence against women and domestic violence occurred in the police/gendarme's responsibility area and their applications are compared, it is 31% in the incidents and XNUMX% in the number of women who lost their lives. decrease was observed.

While there were violence against 1 thousand 10 women between 45 January and 798 March of this year, 11 thousand 20 women were exposed to violence between 42 March and 693 May. While 1 women died between January 10 and March 48, 11 women died between March 20 and May 33.


Security forces also analyzed the murders of women that occurred this year. Accordingly, when the situation of women who lost their lives in the police and gendarmerie area of ​​responsibility is examined;

  • 34% spouse, 27% lover, 22% family member,
  • 64% at home, 13% on the street,
  • 56% are married, 24% are divorced, 20% are single,
  • 46% with firearms, 36% with cutting tools,
  • It was determined that 22% died of jealousy and 8% claimed to be deceiving.

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