ALTAY Tank Production Will Be Started With Available Engines

Altan tanki production will be started with the engines in hand
Altan tanki production will be started with the engines in hand

President of the Turkish Presidency Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail DEMİR made critical statements during the online panel organized by SETA Foundation.

Answering the question about the ALTAY Main Battle Tank (AMT) Project, Mayor DEMİR said, “Work continues in two different power groups. We are talking about a process that goes by putting these studies on top of each other and that not only the power system but also a series of its components are developed together. In this sense, our companies have created a certain competence, they have accumulated. On the other hand, they carried certain collaborations to certain maturity, especially in terms of the earlier production of the tank. The level of maturity is in a very good condition, but I do not want to say it before the exact signatures are made and announced. However, I can say that we are at a good point there.

In addition, we have a small number of spare engines. Starting with these, we will enter a certain tank production process. They will be produced until the other domestic solution comes into play. ” found comments.

ALTAY Main Battle Tank (AMT) Project

As part of the National Main Battle Tank (AMT) ALTAY project, the mass production contract was signed on 9 November 2018 with a ceremony held between BMC and the Defense Industry Directorate (SSB). In project scope; The first mass production tank will be delivered at T0 + 24th month and ALTAY-T1 deliveries will be completed at T0 + 39th month. However, in line with the directives of Defense Industry President İsmail DEMİR, a promotion tank in an ALTAY-T1 configuration that is not covered by the contract is targeted to be completed in the T0 + 18th month. The first ALTAY-T2 tank will be delivered in the T0 + 49th month, and delivery of 0 tanks in the T87 + 250th month will be completed.

Source: Defense Industry

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