May 72 Concert for Workers Under 1 Meters of the Ground from Kıraç

Special concert for workers under meters from the tenant
Special concert for workers under meters from the tenant

Governorship of Istanbul organized a special Kıraç concert for May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day. The concert was broadcast live on radio and television channels and social media accounts.

Kıraç concert, specially organized for the 1st May Labor and Solidarity Day, was held in the construction of Gayrette – Istanbul Airport Metro Line, 72 meters below the ground, due to the morale of our workers who played an important role in the development of Istanbul and our country.

Celebrating the Labor and Solidarity Day before the concert, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said, “I greet all our workers and laborers with respect and affection, who raised Istanbul and our country in their hands, with their sweat and eye light. I congratulate our May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day with sincere wishes. We have celebrated May 1 as an official holiday since 2009 under the leadership of our President. As our President expresses on any occasion; “We wholeheartedly support all efforts to protect the law of the right of our workers,” we work hand in hand together with our laborers and workers for our Istanbul. ” used expressions.

Expressing their belief that the work is a worship, Governor Yerlikaya said, “We always respect all our workers who work today and tomorrow, and put our hands on the calluses. Because Turkey is great with workers and laborers. We have nearly four and a half million working brothers in Istanbul, and Istanbul is rising in their hands. ” He continued with his words.

Governor Yerlikaya said, “Yes, every job is hard, and some are more difficult. Working underground without seeing the sun is one of these hard jobs. Currently, we are 72 meters below ground in Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro construction. This is the site at the deepest distance studied underground in Istanbul. We stand by our workers who open new roads underground. We need morale these days when we stay at home. Today, we will be guests to your homes with our beloved Kıraç and we will store morale together. ” said.

Thank God There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Referring to the work carried out within the scope of the fight against the epidemic, Governor Yerlikaya said, “We are going through a historical examination because of the Kovid-19 outbreak that has affected the world and our country. I thank you for your understanding, patience and sensitivity to the measures we have taken. I know, it is very difficult to stay at home in this beautiful spring of Istanbul. Thank God, light appeared at the end of the tunnel. We will continue to comply with the rules for bright days. Our healthcare workers are in a historical service during the days of the epidemic, I thank them all. I would like to thank all of our brothers and sisters working with respect and loyalty in our 112, 155 and 156 call centers in our Vefa Social Support Groups. Thanks to them, we answered over 500 thousand calls from you, God bless all of them. ” thanking employees during the pandemic period.

Stating that labor is sacred, Governor Yerlikaya said, “It is essential to give the right of the worker in our civilization before the sweat dries. Let all our business people, who deliver the right of their workers before their forehead dry, and make efforts for the development of our country. We all work hand in hand for love, respect, health and peace, and for a better world. We will continue to work together for the sweat of our forehead for Istanbul. I congratulate all our workers on May 1st Labor and Solidarity Day. I would like to thank all of our radios and televisions that helped our voice reach our word. ” ended his words with his sentences.

Kıraç Concert Reaches Houses With Live Broadcasts

After the speech of the Governor Yerlikaya, Kıraç started the concert by celebrating the May 1st Labor and Solidarity Day and thanked the Governor of Istanbul and the Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya.

The concert, where Kıraç performed his favorite songs, was broadcast live on his radio and television channels and social media accounts.

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