7/24 Asphalt Shift Continues in Bursa

Asphalt Shed in Bursa
Asphalt Shed in Bursa

Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken action within the scope of curfews imposed under the coronavirus measures and has brought life to 70 thousand tons of asphalt by ground, has been renewed at 19 different points within the scope of the restriction applied due to the 4th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. started the study.

Intensive work on 4 main lines

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues to evaluate the curfews imposed due to the coronavirus, which has paralyzed the countries and has a decreasing trend in Turkey due to the measures taken. From the first moment the restrictions began, the Metropolitan Municipality, which dismantled the old road of approximately 7 kilometers between Mudanya Junction and Korupark and poured new asphalt instead, carried out similar applications in the commuting directions between Hotsu and Acemler. In addition to the asphalt pavement work, we accelerate parquet and border activities in regions such as İpekcilik, Muradiye and Hamzabey and at various points in Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Nilüfer, Kestel and İnegöl districts. kazanIn the curfew, which was lastly tied for 4 days, the dıran Metropolitan Municipality put the excavation, filling and asphalt preparation investments in front of Merinos Park and Gökdere Junction, between Vakıf Junction and Otosansit Junction, in Namazgah and İpekçiler streets on its agenda. Along with the said lines, the arrangement works on the central Yeşil, Hamzabey and Hürriyet and Kestel-Bursa and İnegöl-Mimarsinan streets were accelerated by the Metropolitan Municipality teams.

20 thousand tons of asphalt meets roads

Within the scope of the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, 19 thousand tons of hot asphalt will be poured in Bursa due to the 4-day street restriction brought by the May 20 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day and combined with the weekend holiday. With the previous work, the new asphalt road from Korupark direction to Merinos will be extended from here to Gökdere Boulevard. Likewise, the section between the Vakıf Junction and Otosansit Junction on the Near Ring Road will be cleared of old roads that have completed their economic life and will meet asphalt from scratch. Within the scope of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality on a 7/24 basis with all its teams and equipment, parquet borders and asphalt preparatory works carried out in Namazgah and İpekcılık streets and Kestel-Bursa and İnegöl-Mimarsinan streets will come to an end and provide comfortable transportation.

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