668 Liters of Fake Drink Seized in İskenderun

fake drink captured in alexander
fake drink captured in alexander

As a result of the intelligence studies carried out within the scope of the anti-alcohol smuggling activities carried out by the İskenderun Customs Enforcement and Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, it was learned that false drinks were produced in a workplace in the city.

The suspicious address was identified and placed under surveillance. Operation findings were made as the findings obtained confirmed the intelligence. In the search made at the suspicious address, a total of 668 liters of alcoholic beverages produced in unsanitary conditions and kept in plastic bottles and drums were seized.

The investigation carried out by one of the people related to the incident by the İskenderun Chief Public Prosecutor's Office continues.

1 million 610 thousand pounds of equipment and raw materials were seized

On the other hand, in 5 different operations held in the first 8 months of this year in İskenderun, a total of 1 tons of counterfeit alcoholic beverages and equipment and raw materials used in the production of alcoholic beverages were seized.

The vast majority of alcoholic beverages seized in these operations constituted the drink called “stifling raki” among the people. In addition to the stifling raki, there were also bottled alcoholic beverages of international origin and without banderol.

While the investigations opened during the operations carried out, judicial proceedings were made against 11 people.

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