6 Blue Flags Will Be Waved On The Beaches Of Kocaeli This Year

The blue flag will fly this year on the beaches of Kocael
The blue flag will fly this year on the beaches of Kocael

Environmental investments realized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality make the city's beaches look completely different. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works with great care and crowned 6 beaches in the city with a blue flag, continued its success this year. The Blue Flag will continue to fluctuate this year on 33 beaches of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which maintains 6 criteria specified by the International Foundation for Environmental Education in the city of Copenhagen.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is reaping the fruits of its efforts to clean the Izmit Bay. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which equips the surroundings of Izmit Bay with Advanced Biological Treatment facilities within the scope of environmental investments, purifies wastewater. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which prevents wastewater from flowing into the Izmit Bay, received the first blue flag at the Karamürsel Altınkemer Beach in 2012 as a reward. This success of the Metropolitan Municipality continued to increase with each passing year.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which received its second blue flag with Kandıra Cebeci Public Beach in 2013, received its third Blue Flag with Kerpe Beach in 2016, the fourth Blue Flag with Bağırganlı Public Beach in 2017, and the fifth Blue Flag with Kumcak Public Beach in 2018. In 2019, Kandira Miço Bay Women's Beach received the Blue Flag and bayraklı the number of beaches increased to 6.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continued its 8-year increasing success this year. The International Foundation for Environmental Education, based in Copenhagen, the Netherlands, completed the 2020 assessment. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has preserved its place with 33 Blue Flags among 486 Beaches while preserving 6 criteria. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's Blue Bayraklı He contributed significantly to the rise of third place in the world ranking in the beaches.


Turkey drew attention to the importance of the achievements of the Turkey Environment Education Foundation President Reza Epikmen; “Tourism is one of the sectors that are adversely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide. However, the "natural environment" has become one of the rare areas that are positively affected. The Blue Flag eco-label, which has the criteria for the protection of the environment and public health, is the most known and trusted among the people in the world and will play an important role in this regard. During this period when environmental, health and hygiene conditions are kept at the highest level, Mavi Bayraklı Microbiological control of sea water on the beaches, cleanliness of beaches and equipment, life safety and environmental management, keeping all these criteria under control will be important security areas for the international tourism community. Moreover, in the Covid-19 process, additional criteria will be applied for public health stipulated by the authorized institutions. ”


In addition to buying a Blue Flag, it is also important to protect the Blue Flags. In this context, Blue Bayraklı beaches have important criteria. During the season, sea water analyzes are carried out with an interval of 15 days. In addition, there are lifeguards that envisage the safety of the beach users. Water sports and swimming areas are separated on the beaches, providing emergency plan, environmental management and modern mobility opportunities for the disabled. Beaches are given a "Blue Flag" based on 33 criteria.


Many criteria are evaluated in awarding the Blue Flag. The first one is addressed in the topic of environmental education and information.

Criteria 1: Information about the Blue Flag Program and other FEE eco-label should be displayed on the beach.

Criteria 2: During the season, at least five environmental awareness activities should be held in different categories.

Criteria 3: Bathing water quality information (results of sea water analysis) should be displayed on the beach.

Criteria 4: Those who use the beach should be provided with information about the coastal zone ecosystem, sensitive natural areas and environmental features in the region.

Criteria 5: A map showing the equipment and possibilities on the beach should be displayed on the Blue Flag Board.

Criteria 6: The beach behavior rules prepared in accordance with the laws should be displayed on the board and the laws regulating the use of the beach should be kept in an easily accessible place when requested.


Criteria 7: The beach must fully comply with the requirements for sampling method and sampling schedule.

Criteria 8: The beach must fully comply with bathing water quality analysis standards and requirements for the analysis of the samples taken.

Criteria 9: Industrial and sewage waste should not affect the beach area.

Criteria 10: Bathing water values ​​should be within the limits given for microbiological parameters.

Criteria 11: Bathing water should be within the limits given for physical and chemical parameters.


Criteria 12: A Blue Flag Beach Management Committee should be established on the basis of the town in order to carry out environmental audits and controls on the beaches of the local government / beach manager and to establish an environmental management system.

Criteria 13: The beach must comply with all laws that include the use of coastal areas in terms of land use and operation.

Criteria 14: Relevant regulations should be followed in the management of sensitive areas.

Criteria 15: The beach should be kept clean.

Criteria 16: Seaweed and other natural plant remnants coming to the beach should be left on the beach, unless it creates a bad image.

Criteria 17: There should be a sufficient number of waste bins and waste containers on the beach, they should be emptied regularly and kept clean.

Criteria 18: There should be possibilities to collect the recyclable wastes at the beach separately.

Criteria 19: Sufficient sanitary facilities (toilet-sink) should be available.

Criteria 20: Sanitary facilities should be kept clean.

Criteria 21: Sanitary facilities should be connected to the wastewater system.

Criteria 22: No unauthorized camping, vehicle use and any waste discharge should be done on the beach.

Criteria 23: The entrance of dogs and other pets to the beach should be strictly controlled.

Criteria 24: All the structures and equipment of the beach should be well maintained.

Criteria 25: If the region has sensitive areas of sea and freshwater, the wildlife monitoring program should be implemented here.

Criteria 26: Sustainable means of transportation (public transport, bicycles, etc.) should be encouraged within the beach area and town.


Criteria 27: A large number of lifeguards and all necessary materials to meet the needs should be available at the beach.

Criteria 28: First aid supplies should be available at the beach.

Criteria 29: Emergency plans should be developed to combat pollution accidents and risks.

Criteria 30: Precautions should be taken against accidents that may result from different uses at the beach.

Criteria 31: Necessary measures should be taken for the safety of users at the beach.

Criteria 32: Drinking water should be available on the beach.

Criteria 33: At least one Blue in town Bayraklı There should be facilities such as toilet, access ramp for disabled people at the beach.

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