573 thousand 750 Medical Masks Seized at Kapıkule Border Gate

a thousand medical masks were captured at the nerve gate of the capicule
a thousand medical masks were captured at the nerve gate of the capicule

In the operation carried out by the Ministry of Trade Customs Guard teams at the Kapıkule Customs Gate, 8 thousand 800 medical protective masks with a value of 573 million 750 thousand liras were seized.

As a result of the risk analysis carried out by the Operation Branch of the General Directorate of Customs Enforcement, the truck, which was declared to carry "mattress roll" and "used household goods" and to exit the Kapıkule Customs gate, was considered risky. The subject was forwarded to Edirne Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate.

In the research carried out by the Edirne Customs Enforcement, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, the suspect truck was detected in the customs area and action was taken for the operation. The rope tarpaulin control of the vehicle was made by the Customs Enforcement teams and the vehicle was directed to the x-ray scanning device. The vehicle was taken to the search hangar for detailed checks after the suspicious density was found as a result of the screening. In the search made here, it was determined that the mattress roll type item was not found as stated in the vehicle, and instead of this item, medical mask type item was contained in 255 boxes.

While the 573 thousand 750 medical protective masks seized as a result of the operation and the vehicle used for their transfer were seized, two people were detained in relation to the incident.

It was determined that the customs value of the medical masks that were caught while illegally traveling abroad was 8 million 800 thousand liras. The investigation on the subject continues.

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