5 Golden Rules for Best Seo Work

Seo means search engines optimization. If you have a website and you can see all of the work done so that you can appear on the first page where your business keywords are written in the Google organic search results of your site. Seo It called. There are many applications in seo. Everyone from these practices determines a strategy and method according to their own and runs the Seo study.

Some of them are successful, while others are not. If a Seo specialist is truly competent at work, he should be able to succeed unless there is an opposite situation in all of his work.

We list the five golden rules that are necessary for the best Seo work for those who want to be a Seo expert as the competent person of our business, those who try to do their own business, and those who want to know a little about Seo. This list may change over a long period of time, based on important algorithm updates from Google.

1- Put the Basics of Your Website Solid!

inventor guner
inventor guner

If we start from the beginning, a healthy Seo work can only be done to a healthy website. For this reason, you should pay maximum attention to SEO dynamics while making or making your website. For example, your site must be able to work quickly, must be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate between pages, and rich in content.

Your website design is important for SEO. It will be an advantage for you to have a simple and pleasant design of your site in accordance with the new design trends. Visitors entering your site will browse your site comfortably for a long time without eye strain. This will lower the bounce rate. (bounce rate) Also, having a quality design of your site will help convert incoming visits into conversions. Visitors to your site will increase their trust in you thanks to your design. Your design should also be prepared in harmony with Seo; Abundant content updates must be experienced, must contain h tags and must be user-friendly in terms of flow.

2- Optimization of Pictures and Content!

Optimization of images, articles and videos on your site is important for your site to have quality content and to support your SEO work. The file size of your images should be the minimum size, your images should have a subtag. You should not use complex pictures that are tiring. The texts on your site should be in a structure that will satisfy the user as information, and all the information about the subject should be included in your content. The user should find all the content he / she is looking for related to the subject on your site.

- Keyword Density and Feature

The keywords you want to exit on Google are very important to you. The optimization of these words that will attract visitors to your site should also be done very well. The density of your keywords in the site content should be adjusted, the cross-link structure that will bring your keywords to the fore, and the style settings of the word should be made. In addition, you should take care that the pages you support with cross link are very strong pages.

3- It is always good to be popular!

The popularity of your website and the fact that your site is mentioned on the internet is very useful for Seo work. Social media is the best way to gain popularity. You should share your site and content on many different social media. If you can, you can ensure that your site is shared on pages with high followers and likes. When access to your site from social media is high, Google will think your website is popular in its field and will make you appear in the front row.

4- Backlink is Always the Best Way!

Apart from the design, content and popularity of your website, one of the most important strengths is the links it receives. You must know the best ways to link to your site. If you don't know, you must learn. Because your website comes out in keywords with the power you get from your links to the first page of Google.

5- Google Analytics and Search Console and Other Seo Tools

One of the key points to be successful in SEO is to be able to measure accurately. It can measure your website's status on Google, its speed, structure, the quality of its content, the density of words, links you receive, malicious links, 404 page, robots.txt and sitemap files, broken links, visits to your site, and many other issues. you must be.

Just measuring is not enough. It is necessary to interpret the results of the analysis and take necessary actions. You can get a lot of work done with analytics and search console from Google.

Seo expert If you want to do more professional work, there are sites on the internet that offer tools and data for a fee.

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