38 Million Turkish Liras Resourced

million pounds were allocated to asevs
million pounds were allocated to asevs

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk stated that the capacity of the soup kitchens they support has been increased to 39 thousand 484 people this year and they have transferred 38 million lira to the soup kitchens.

The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services stated that Selçuk soup kitchens operate in cooperation with Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations (SYDV) and municipalities.

Selçuk said, “The soup kitchens we support served in 2019 with a capacity of 38 thousand 422 people. For 2020, we increased our capacity to 39 thousand 484 people. We allocated a total of 2020 million lira in 38 for our services to continue without a hitch. ” shared his knowledge.

“The Service Period of Houses Has Started Due to Kovid-19”

Emphasizing that strict measures are being taken in all institutions, from nursing homes to disabled care centers, from Children's Houses Sites to women's guesthouses against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), Selçuk stated that some measures were also put in place in the social assistance services offered by the Ministry.

The Vefa of the personnel of the Social Support Group, that chronic disease or who aged 65 and next to all citizens who could not come from the top houses, their every need to run striking Selcuk, March, Turkey told the general in 1003 sydv'y to Kovid-19 measures the related instructions are sent.

Minister Selçuk stated that, in this context, necessary disinfection was provided in SYDV buildings, collective interviews with social assistance applicants were avoided and household visits were postponed until the epidemic threat passed, except for compulsory situations:

“As of March 19, when the first case of Kovid-11 was seen in our country, we temporarily discontinued service-style food service in our soup kitchens against the risk of epidemics.

In order to avoid suffering, it is ensured that food service is delivered to the needy citizens at their addresses through soup kitchens. In cases where this cannot be done, our citizens are given dry food support. ”

Our Ministry in Turkey through a public soup kitchens for the needy, the elderly, providing three meals be offered hot meals for homeless citizens with disabilities and patients.



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