Support Payment of 2 Thousand TL to PTT Personnel

thousand TL support for pttden staff
thousand TL support for pttden staff

anywhere in Turkey reliable, fast and quality service, 180 years meets with the citizens of Post and Telegraph Organization Joint Stock Company (PTT Inc.), coronavirus disease to the selfless staff working for our country in the box office and distribution space during the net 2 will make thousand cash to pay support.

PTT AŞ is implementing an important decision for its personnel who have been working devotedly day and night since the first day in the fight against coronavirus disease and continuing their services with great devotion in the box office and distribution areas.

Stating that PTT, who has been with his nation for 180 years in all difficult conditions, has been in a locomotive position in the country's economy, General Manager of PTT AŞ stated that they have made an important decision for their employees. With the patronage and support of our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Adil Karaismailoğlu, we will make a net contribution of TL 2 thousand to our PTT personnel. The equivalent of the service provided at such times cannot be measured with money. This contribution to our staff should be considered as rewarding their success and dedication. I would like to thank my colleagues. ” used expressions.


They work with full force at all levels of box office and distribution space mission areas to provide uninterrupted service to the nation of PTT personnel highlights Gülten, Turkey would continue to do their utmost as PTT to overcome this difficult period, he said.

Gülten continued as follows: “Our PTT personnel provide sacrificial services to meet the needs of our citizens by obeying the measures to reduce the effects of coronavirus disease in all their fields of duty. We take our measures to protect the health of both our employees and citizens. I am grateful for the sacrifice of our valuable staff, who facilitate our lives in this process of our country, and strive to serve their country apart from their families, without regard for working hours.

Our staff made our country proud with its love of superior service by going to the homes of our citizens, in the workplaces and in the distribution areas such as social aid and salary payments, by spending time in the fields of duty rather than their families. Our country gave the best example of unity and solidarity. We are happy to contribute to this successful partnership that sets an example to the world. Hereby, I present my respects to all our staff and citizens, especially our President and Minister. ”


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  1. It is normal for PTT employees to pay net two thousand liras. However, there are other public materials that work under sacrificial conditions such as PTT, such as PTT.