2 Terrorists, 5 of which are on the Gray List in Herekol Mountains, Neutralized

The terrorist, whose gray list is in the herectoral mountains, is disabled
The terrorist, whose gray list is in the herectoral mountains, is disabled

Within the scope of Internal Security Operations; In the ongoing operation in the countryside of Siirt Herekol under the coordination of the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, it was determined that 5 out of 2 terrorists who were neutralized were on the Gray List with a reward of up to 500 thousand TL for those wanted for Terror.

One of the terrorists in the Gray List is the so-called Herekol Cephe YJA- Star officer, Beritan Van coded Nahide Timur; the other is supposedly Herlanol Cephe YJA- Star team officer Serhildan Evrak code named Dilan İlhan.

Another terrorist who has been neutralized has been identified as the so-called Herekol responsible Sidar Kamisli.

Two terrorists were captured dead by the units of Gendarmerie Special Operations, Gendarmerie Commando, Police Special Operations and Security Guards in the air-powered operation launched on May 29 under the coordination of the Provincial Gendarmerie Command in rural Siirt Herekol.

In the operation that continues today, new troops were dispatched to the region and 3 more terrorists were neutralized as a result of the follow-up. Thus, in the last 2 days, 5 terrorists were captured dead in Siirt Herekol countryside.

In the operation, a large number of ammunition, organizational documents and large radios that provide organizational communication, approximately 4 tons of food and other living materials have been seized so far.

  • AK - 47 Kaleşnikof Infantry Rifle,
  • 2 M16 Infantry Rifle,
  • 5 Pieces Full magazine of M-16 rifle,
  • full magazine of the weapon,
  • 2 dot pointer adjustment, graphic for medonuk binoculars,
  • Tank drilling distance table for RPG7 rocket launcher ammunition,
  • 4 EYP switchgear with radio on it,
  • 1 small size 12W Battery,
  • 2 remote blasting EYP switchgear,
  • Circuit board for EYP assembly,
  • 1 remote transmitter control,
  • 2 detonator (detonator),
  • IED circuit board for various amount of coding used in construction,
  • 8 EYP circuit board,
  • 1 mechanical IED assembly,
  • 1 rosary type IED device,
  • 1 rocket dispatch ammunition,
  • 1 Blank mainframe of 9 cm x 15 cm size,
  • 21 electric detonator,
  • 6 electric detonator with red color for attaching eypets,
  • 30 56 × 45 cartridges and various materials used in EYP construction in addition;
  • 430 kg chickpea,
  • 540 kg Fame,
  • 340 kg lentil,
  • 120 packages pasta,
  • 190 kg tea,
  • 500 kg rice,
  • 80 kg tobacco,
  • 420 kg beans,
  • 190 liter liquid oil,
  • 90 kg tomato paste,
  • 15 pairs mecap shoes,
  • 230 kg salt,
  • 400 kg of bulgur,
  • 95 kg noodle,
  • 90 kg barley noodle and many life materials were seized.

Günceleme: 31/05/2020 14:50

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