Child Friendly Book List for 0-6 Years Old Children Has Been Published

A child-friendly book list has been published for young children
A child-friendly book list has been published for young children

As the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, 0 child-friendly books that are rated as suitable for children aged 6-427 have been published on the Ministry's website.

Within the scope of the "0-Day Execution Program" that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shared with the public, in order to create qualified libraries for 6-100 year old children staying in the institutions affiliated to our Ministry and to guide families, to support child-friendly works and to fight harmful content. was started to be realized.

Books that do not contain harmful content for our 0-6 age group children and are considered to contribute positively to child development are determined according to the following criteria created in line with the opinions received from universities;

Universal moral rules and national-spiritual values, whether discrimination and hostile expressions and visuals are used, whether there is any content in the fiction of the book that is violent or which sees violence as a solution, whether the book contains anything in the area of ​​obscenity and sexual abuse, theft, How to treat negative behavior models such as lying and bad words in the book and the correct usage of Turkish and grammar rules ...

Some of the newly added books are:

“A Jerusalem Fairy Tale, Stone Tales, Happy Hippo, Donut Run into My Hose !, A Line, A Color, A Voice, I Am A Farmer, Unexpected Guest, Dear Friends.”

The evaluated book list and evaluation criteria, Access is available from the link.

“Let's Choose Books Together”

Mothers and fathers can contribute to the Child Friendly Works List by sending the book names they think are suitable for our children aged 0-6 to

On the other hand, with the services carried out in the field of children, we share many news and information with the public. The number of visitors of the website has doubled compared to last year and has been visited 655 thousand 138 times. 31 thousand 467 times have been used so far.

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