5.56 Domestic 65.000 Infantry Rifle Delivery

delivery of the infantry rifle delivered
delivery of the infantry rifle delivered

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir stated that the number of 5,56 millimeter caliber infantry rifles produced and delivered by the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), Kalekalıp and Sarsılmaz, has exceeded 65 thousand.

President Prof. Dr. Demir, as the Turkish defense industry, said that they are continuing their works by applying all the security measures at the highest level, even while struggling with the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak that the world is currently dealing with.

Stating that the production continues in line with the 5,56 millimeter infantry rifle need of the security forces, President Prof. “The number of 5,56 millimeter infantry rifles produced by MKEK, Kalekalıp and Sarsılmaz has exceeded 65 thousand in total. Whatever the conditions, our defense industry will continue its production by taking precautions. ” said.

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