There should be an emergency additional increase to the minimum wage and retirees

urgent additional wages should be made for minimum wage and retirees
urgent additional wages should be made for minimum wage and retirees

Abdullah Peker, Chairman of the Transport and Railroad Workers Rights Union (HAK-SEN), made a written statement; “Many of our retirees and the public are in a position to receive the contract working as subcontractor.” said.

Peker; “The Presidency of Religious Affairs announced the fit for the month of Ramadan as 2020 TL in 27. We see that the income distribution among the employees in our country is to a degree that does not fit neither the understanding of social state nor human rights. Many of our retirees and 4 / B 4 / Spokespersons and subcontractors, who work as public servants, have been brought to fitra, and this should be considered as a shame of the state.

According to the study in which the monthly income of 4 / Bli retired and subcontractor employees is calculated as 2020 thousand 2 TL per month, Peker noted that a family of four people should allocate more than 520 lira for food expenditure in Ramadan based on the daily 27 TL determined by the High Council of Religious Affairs in Ramadan. therefore, it is understood that there is no religious inconvenience in giving fitrah to millions of retired and subcontracted personnel. said.

Peker, for their market research; “As a result of the research carried out by our union, the Confederation of Public Employees Rights Unions Confederation, it was determined that 70% of our private security subcontractors and retirees could be given fit. In a study conducted by the unfair, pensions and Religious Affairs Presidency established in 2019 Qadar amount of Turkey's socio-economic situation and a person who considers the daily minimum food needs of Religious Affairs Supreme Council's 2020 Ramadan lowest charity-i-Fitr amount 27 Stating that it was determined as TL, it was also stated that this amount was the minimum amount and there was no upper limit for the amount to be given in charity.

Our retirees, who do not have enough money to spend all their monthly income, can only cover their basic expenses such as rent, transportation, communication, electricity and water by borrowing. In the face of this picture, we are very curious about what the finance authorities and the government think. It is imperative to make additional payments immediately. Therefore, there is no religious inconvenience in giving fiters to our retirees and subcontractors. Here is the position of our officer.

Peker; We believe that the resources of this country will be enough for everyone. However, the problem develops at the point that there is no fair sharing.

We are addressing our administrators, please put an end to this wage policy and add an additional raise to the wages of our retirees and subcontractors.

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