Tunç Soyer Speaks to Farmers from Karakılçık Wheat Field

tunc soyer karakilcik called the farmers from the wheat field
tunc soyer karakilcik called the farmers from the wheat field

As the fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer called out to the farmers from the wheat field in Karakemen, in Menemen, where he sprinkled seeds with his own hands. “Everyone understood the value of our muddy farmers with white apron these days,” said Tunç Soyer.

Setting out with the aim of spreading the wheat seed of Atalık and supporting the producers, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer called out to the farmers in the wheat field that has reached his waist all day long in Menemen where he sprinkled his own hands with his own hands. President Tunç Soyer pointed out the importance of production in the context of combating the coronavirus outbreak and said that the most needed product in the days of the epidemic was wheat, and the demand for flour made from wheat was increased.

Soyer said: “This crisis will pass somehow, but will we eat stones after the crisis is over? What will we eat? If the manufacturer does not produce, if this production does not continue, very dark days are waiting for us. Nowadays, everybody understood the value of our farmers with white apron, muddy feet and calluses. So just keep producing. We will continue to give you maximum support. ”

Within the scope of the project to expand the ancestral seed wheat that supports wheat producers, this year 300 wheat is grown in Menemen, 100 in Tire and 100 acres in Ödemiş. After the harvest, charcoal wheat will be taken from the producers, some of which will be stored as seeds, flour will be obtained from the rest, then bread will be delivered to the public. In Seferihisar, this type of wheat has been produced on an area of ​​300 decares for eight years.

Karakılçık Returned to the Plains of İzmir

The project of spreading the ancestral seed charcoal wheat that was initiated from Seferihisar during the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer during the Seferihisar Municipality aims to bring all the plains of the city together with the wheat wheat.

In November last year, Tunç Soyer sprinkled the seeds of his first ancestor on 300 acres of land in Menemen. At that ceremony, “The imported seeds that occupy our lands, spoil our health and pollute our lives are beginning to replace the native seeds of Anatolia again. An ancestor seed is starting to be produced on a large scale to feed our city and our country, once again, wheat wheat, "he said.

The Story of Karakılçık Wheat

Seferihisar Municipality decided to organize Seed Exchange Festival in 2011 for the spread of domestic seeds. Municipal employees traveled from village to village and searched for local seeds that were forbidden to sell. A small amount of “Topan karakılçık” wheat was found in an old farmer in Gödence village. Based on the will of Can Yücel, “Can Yücel Seed Center” was established in Seferihisar. At this center, four years of effort was made to reproduce the wheat of Karakilık. The results were obtained in 2016 and bread was produced with the techniques of a hundred years ago. This bread has become a highly sought-after variety, both in the municipal markets and on the website of the women's cooperative. The municipality also distributed seeds to the farmers free of charge and guaranteed double the price of the base price to be announced by the government. A handful of genetically unchanged ancestor seeds wheat from a peasant's warehouse thus became a commercial value.

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