Transporters from Izmir are Satisfied with Thermal Camera Application

The fire of Izmir is measured by the thermal camera.
The fire of Izmir is measured by the thermal camera.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality placed a thermal camera in places with high human density in the coronavirus outbreak. Citizens, whose fever is measured by thermal camera, are satisfied with the application.

Taking the precautions to a higher level in Izmir due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Metropolitan Municipality placed thermal cameras at 20 locations with high human density in the city. In addition to the Transporters' Site, where hundreds of people enter and leave in Bornova every day and are criticized for this intensity in the first days of the crisis, the thermal cameras installed in the Vegetable and Fruit Market, Izmir Intercity Bus Station and the Fire Department Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, the fire of both employees and visitors is measured. Citizens whose fever is above normal are directed to health institutions.

Also placed on Transporters Site

The drivers who are taken inside by measuring the fire one by one through the thermal camera installed at the entrance of the Transporters Site are satisfied with the application. Transporters Site President Fikret Akdemir thanked Metropolitan Municipality for the application and said, “They helped us by bringing such a thermal camera. This situation is very advantageous for us. Because we have a problem to protect our health. At the same time, we have to protect the health of our truckers coming from outside. ” Stating that the drivers entered the site under the control of the police, Fikret Akdemir said, “Those who come here enter the inside by keeping the follow-up distance and return by doing their work. Previously, 3 people came to the Transporters' Site per day, but now the number of people coming now varies between 700 and thousand. We keep this place under control as much as we can. ”

“Thermal camera provided us with great convenience”

İhsan Yılmazoğlu stated that he frequently came to the Transporters Site and stated that they saw the benefit of the application. Yılmazoğlu said, “Before the thermal camera came, we were checking with our hands. Measurements were made with small devices. Therefore, we were in constant contact with each other. This camera provided us with great convenience. Currently, people know what to do. More tidy. Everyone passes through this tunnel and measures the temperature. ” Driver İrfan Altınege said, “Taking precautions is important for everyone. Everyone should fulfill the necessary responsibility. ” Mehmet Yaşa, one of the shopkeepers, said, “They measure our fire everywhere. This application is extremely good for us. "It's important for health."

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