Curfew Setting on Bus Flights in Trabzon

Prohibition of going out on bus routes in Trabzon
Photo: - Ahmet Kalmuk

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality will start from this night and will continue the bus services at specified times during the 2-day curfew, in order to provide access to healthcare workers and employees who are exempted by a circular.

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality on the subject, “With the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, a curfew was imposed for 17 hours, starting on the night of April 48, in order to protect the health of our people. During this period, our bus services will continue to be diluted as Metropolitan Municipality in order to prevent our healthcare professionals and employees who are exempted by the circular from being in a difficult situation. Our Police Department teams will support our healthcare workers in emergencies ”.

weekend bus times at trabzon
weekend bus times at trabzon

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