Traffic Calmness Accelerated GAZİRAY Works

the calm of the traffic accelerated the work of the veteran
the calm of the traffic accelerated the work of the veteran

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin continues her “People's Day” meetings every Friday on the digital platform within the scope of the measures taken against the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Answering the public's questions, Mayor Şahin gave the good news of the new infrastructure and superstructure works.

World and Turkey in effect while continuing struggle under field against Corona Virus, Mayor Fatma Sahin, the scope of measures that made every Friday, "People's Day" meeting of the municipal and continues with the live broadcast made from their personal social media accounts. President Fatma Şahin replies what the citizen was wondering during the epidemic days and listens to her problems. Describing the actions made as Metropolitan Municipality in a live broadcast, Şahin gave new good news. He stated that in the streets and streets vacated by the citizen's call “Stay at Home”, infrastructure and superstructure strengthening and renovation works will be undertaken and great works will be done. By turning Karagöz Avenue into traffic, the collapsed keystones will be fixed in a short time. On the other hand, due to the density of vehicle traffic on the D-400 Highway (Silk Road), Karşıyaka The tranquility of the tunnel's expansion works and the traffic for the crossing axis of the GAZİRAY line on the same road will be completed in a short time by knowing the opportunity.


President Fatma Şahin, who made a statement about the subject, recalling the activities started in İnönü Street and said, “We are evaluating the difficult days for public service. An important axis leading to Karagöz, Elmacı Pazarı and Bakırcılar Bazaar is the cultural road. The first thing we did when I became president was to arrange the keystones here. 7 years later, when the vehicle went over it, there were certain collapses at certain points. Next week we will fix these depressions. Since it is closed to traffic at certain times, we will take this opportunity and re-lay the keystones. There is an important axle in the Gaziray line that passes under the D-400. When you close here, the whole city gets locked. A line between Organized Industry and Small Industry. For this reason, we have created a bypass way by knowing the calm of these days as an opportunity. We opened a new parallel path to those who had to go that way. Gaziray's contractor firm maintains both worker health and social distance. The second line is Karşıyaka A long-standing transit point called the tunnel. We had to deal with the expansion work here quickly. There are also big jams. By working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, we will open this parallel path and complete it within 1 month. This way Karşıyaka is very important for. For this, we wish to complete it quickly. We are trying to complete the places that should be done as soon as possible as road and infrastructure from the opportunities of this crisis, but that cannot be done in intensity. There was a problem in both the infrastructure and the superstructure of the axle where Sultana Hospital was located. We completed the 3-week infrastructure work and we made the superstructure with asphalt paving. ”

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