TCDD Personnel Accommodation Wagons Received

tcdd personnel accommodation wagons were received
TCDD Personnel Accommodation Wagons

The personnel accommodation wagons manufactured by TCDD Afyonkarahisar 7th Regional Directorate to meet the accommodation and resting needs of the railway maintenance service, road and construction machine operators at the workplace were received.

TCDD Afyonkarahisar 7. Regional Manager Adem Sivri; “TÜVASAŞ Adapazarı Vagon Sanayi A.Ş., in order to meet the accommodation and resting needs of the road and construction equipment operators that perform maintenance and repair on the railway lines. The personnel resting wagons that have been manufactured in our region have been received. In the personnel accommodation vehicles located in the Afyonkarhisar Ali Çetinkaya Gar site, we examined with the Railway-Maintenance Afyonkarahisar Branch Head Ali Aydın, the Railway Maintenance Service Manager Teksin Geldi, the Road Mechanical Workshop Manager and the Road Maintenance Chief, Generator, air conditioning, washing machine, cooker for the comfort of the user personnel. , thermosiphon etc. The existing staff accommodation vehicles are expected to create satisfaction and motivation for the staff. ” used expressions.

Demiryol-iş Afyonkarahisar Branch President Ali Aydın stated that road and construction equipment workers work devotedly away from their homes and thanked TCDD 7th Regional Manager Adem Sivri on behalf of the employees for this opportunity provided to the employees.

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  1. There was no need to produce new wagons for the administrative speed. In the organization, the passenger car wagons that had been detained from the commercial transport and remained idle could have been modified for service. unnecessary spending .. money too many new commercial cars