Free Clothing Permit for TCDD Staff

Free Dressing Permit for TCDD Staff
Free Dressing Permit for TCDD Staff

TCDD General Directorate has published a letter today and declared that TCDD Personnel can wear free clothes in order to protect against the coronavirus outbreak.

The decision of Memur-Sen, which was persistently demanded since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, to wear free clothes that can be easily cleaned for the purpose of protecting employees from the virus, was also put into practice by the General Directorate of TCDD after some governorships, allowing TCDD employees to wear free clothes.

Transport Officer-Sen President Kenan Çalışkan said in a statement, "They also thanked TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun for allowing the Staff to be protected against the epidemic by quickly switching to the Free Dress application, which is among the demands of Memur-Sen."

The instructions of TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun were notified to the relevant units with the letter dated 06.04.2020 and the following statements were included in the article;

“In order to protect our personnel from the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, which started in Wuhan city of the People's Republic of China and continues to threaten the whole world, the personnel of our organization will not harm public morality, easy to clean and practical (T-shirt, sweater, coat, linen pants, etc.). and they will be able to perform their services in free clothes until a second order by not overwhelming the provisions of the “Regulation on the Dressing and Clothing of Personnel Working in Public Institutions and Organizations”. ”

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